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September 20, 2012

I married a smart Ass!

 Yep, I married a smart ass. Well OK, to be fair, I probably CREATED a smart ass... but hey, the potential had to have been there right?
Today she was digging through the .50 cent bin at the store and found this gem that she of course felt I haaaaaddd to have for my evening relaxation... It is after all the "Ultimate in Relaxation".
 How could anyone in their right mind pass up a description like that anyways?!
"The crowing of the rooster welcomes the awakening of a brand new day... "
So cheezy!

You know what the funniest thing is though? We put it on to hear what it was and it is literally the sound of a farm. Cows bellowing, and roosters crowing... You can hear the farmer walking around digging grain out of a metal container and chicks clucking... And we knew exactly what all the sounds were.LOL
Oh man. You know some guy in New York City is listening to this baby and just eatin up every second of it. Not to bag on NY.
Watch for sounds for this baby to work their way in somewhere on this... or maybe some other site...
"Let the stress of modern living dissolve to the sounds of Farm Life"... still cracks me up!
Take care all~

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