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September 24, 2012

Muzzleloader deer

So Wednesday morning begins the season for muzzleloader deer in Utah and I have a tag this year. It's the first time that I will be trying it out. Not hunting, but hunting with a muzzleloader. It will seriously limit my range and I will most likely only get 1 shot at any one deer.

I decided after a number of years of hunting the general rifle deer season in Utah that unless I was going to either buy a large piece of private land, or spend a ridiculous amount of time and effort hiking, scouting and generally obsessing over deer that I needed to try a different hunt time. With any luck I should be able to see a few bucks this season as they haven't been hunted for two months straight yet and should hopefully not be overly gun shy.

I'll head up tomorrow and spend the night in my GI standard issue canvas pup tent that I have left from my ARMY days. It'll be cold but not terrible. The next few nights I have a friend that's coming up in his travel trailer and has room for me so... lucky me!

I'll be keeping my eyes out for a few blue Grouse as well. from what I've heard this is a bumper year for them. we'll see.

I'd be pretty happy to have some all natural venison to eat over the winter so wish me luck!


Michelle said...

What sort of deer are you going for? On our road trip through Utah this past Summer, we didn't see any deer, but did see a few Pronghorn.

Do they have a separate season or are they lumped in with deer?

Lynda said...

I'll never forget my husband's first muzzle shoot...we actually watched the ball make it about 6 feet in front of us and plop on the ground...the Big Old Buck my husband was aiming for didn't bat an eye...slowly turned and WALKED away...I think I heard him laughing!

P~ said...

I was going after Mule Deer. Very differnt species, and totally differnt season. Unfortunately I didn't see any Buck deer either. Lots of does though.
Lynda, I would have been so mad if that had happened to me. However not as frustrated as not even having the chance to shoot at all!