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December 28, 2007

Getting to be that time of year...

Well, the garden catalogs are on order, so we’ll see what we have in store for this next year. A lot of people give me a sideways kind of look when I tell them that I will start getting ready for the upcoming gardening season in January. As this will be the first year of me doing so, I don’t really have a better answer for their “why’s?” other than because every other year I end up behind schedule and miss what I think would be one of my favorite parts of the harvest because of it. I say I think it would be a favorite because 1) I love all the greens, mesclun, peas and early crops that that part of the season offers, and 2) because mentioned, I never get an earlier enough start to get a harvest of those crops. I hope to this year. My wife’s on board too, and this year we’ll be picking the things we want together so hopefully we’ll be able to really start making our  homegrowns a bigger part of our diet. In years past it’s really just been me picking the things I wanted, and a lot of the time I ended up with things that, while they freeze well, don’t get eaten enough through out the year to warrant the effort. (i.e. my bumper jalapeno crop from this year.) I’ll be posting my garden plans here for future reference, for those of you also blogging, I’d love to see your plans as well; it may give me some good ideas. Otherwise, if you’ve had any really good ways of planning and charting your layouts in years past, please share them so I can get better will ya? Thanks all, and have a good weekend!


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