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December 21, 2007

Interested in Scribbles?

I’ve been thinking about opening up a whole other facet of myself to all of you. It’s a piece of me that I have held very close and only shared with a very very few people over the last 20+ years; my scribbles. I know that doesn’t really give you any idea of what it is that they are, but that’s what I call them. Essentially they are just that, scribbles that I have put on paper and collected since I was in high school. Some of them are poems and some merely thoughts. Some are organized and thought out, while most are more like the ranting of a madman.

In high school and the period shortly thereafter I allowed myself a lot of, shall we say, creative license with my writing. A lot of these scribbles are very amorphous and really make sense only to me. (And very little sense at that.) Later, while I served in the military, I made two tours in the middle east; Saudi Arabia to be exact. A lot of the writing from that time was so I could remember the things I saw, impressions I had, and the anger and frustrations that I sometimes felt. I carried a notebook in my BDU’s and pulled it out to scribble in it when I had the need. Some of these writings jar me now when I read them, others paint a picture in my head so that it is almost like I am there.

My question to you, and I need your input here, is whether or not you would even be interested in reading them. I sometimes wonder if I should even go off on some of my tangents like the “Philosophical Divergence” I went on a few days ago. Maybe this blog has evolved itself into a primarily simple living, gardening, explore the greener side of things type of blog. Perhaps I should just do as I’ve thought about and create a separate blog where I can post things of that nature. I want to get these things down in a form more stable than the notes that I currently have which are literally falling apart from age and mistreatment, I just don’t know if I should share them, and for that matter if I do, will anyone really care? My thought was to just kind of work them in here or there like I do with “Thoughts for Today”, not all at once, just a scribble once and a while, kind of like the way I collected them.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. I suspect traffic online will be rather slow (as it should be) due to family gatherings and generally enjoying our time together, I do intend to post a little this weekend, but if I don’t I will be back to regular next week for sure. Enjoy your weekend, and in case I don’t get the chance, Merry Christmas to you all.

I leave you with this, a “scribble”, to help you decide whether your interested in more or not:

Like cattle fighting to get in their stalls first,
Soldiers prodded by the gently hand of impatience.
Hurry up! Run! Run! Can’t wait to wait…in a cell.
Slowly, methodically they move,
Drones of repetition. Starved.
Not I. This one waits; watches the fools squander freedom.
P~ (Oct 92, Saudi Arabia)


Phelan said...

I would say it is up to you. I started a second blog to talk about the biker in me, but it is on hold right now due to the 8 inches of snow we have here. If you place it here or start up a new blog for it, I will be reading.

Anonymous said...

I agree with phelan, you should do it if it's what you feel is right. You're definitely not going to be losing readers or anything.

Trina said...

Wouldn't loose me as a reader if you post them here. It's your blog, use it how it's most helpful for you.

P~ said...

Thanks for your input ladies.
I have seen your other blog Phelan, and that's one of the ways that I thought of sharing these scribbles. I'm not so much concerned with losing readers so much as just boring them. I was just curious if there was any interest here to help me decide how I want to handle them. So glad to hear that I have such loyal readers though.

Sunil Goswami said...

Well P, here's my opinion whether you want it or not. As I see it this is your blog and since you talk about possibilities in the title itself, this is one of the possible things, isn't it?
I myself have started 4 blogs by now, but all about very diverse things. On my personal one, I post anything and everything, from deepest philosophical thoughts to silly musings. So, my 2 cents would be, go right ahead!
Remember my post about beliefs and confusion that you commented on and even posted your own thoughts as “Philosophical Divergence” here? Well, war is one of the things I have had changing opinions about resulting in a confused state right now. Since I have never served in the armed forces I have no firsthand perspective of it. But I would be very interested in reading your scribbles and knowing your perspective. The idiot Bush can make anyone hate war, and yet, sometimes an application of force seems inevitable, even almost benevolent for the greater good. What is the take of a man right there on the front, I'd find that fascinating to read. Not just the poems but if you have any thoughts that you might want to share on this topic, please do.
As on this scribble, "watches the fools squander freedom", very insightful!
Well wishes,
P.S. Don't worry about boring people. It's not hard to scroll past a post in a blog. What did you think I did with the "making yogurt" kind of posts? LOL. Peace.

Theresa said...

I'm of the belief that all things are connected. Your 'scribbles' are part of you, and if your blog is to be a reflection of you, then, in my opinion, your 'scribbles' would belong in it.

My blog is a mish-mash too, just like my life is. :)