Welcome All! I'm a dreamer, I hope you are too! A Posse ad Esse, or From possibility to reality, is a general state of mind. I hope you'll share your possibilities with me as I will with you. Namaste~

December 6, 2007

A Posse Ad Esse - Numero Uno

Well I just learned last night, via a very proud wife, that I have recently become the number one result on Google when a search is made for “A posse ad esse”. In other words, whenever anyone anywhere is interested in the obscure Latin phrase that I adopted for my blog, they get sent to me first. I know it’s not the greatest accomplishment in my life, but I have to say I’m pretty proud for it. I had actually noticed a recent increase in the number of first time readers popping in from around the globe, but never put the two together.


I wanted to take a second to offer a welcome to any new readers that may have stopped by, and wondered what in the heck this place is all about. Could a guy (And yes, despite all the references to gardening and cooking I am a man.) possibly be more eclectic in his interests? Well, yeah probably, but it’d be hard too. Life is a fascinating journey, and one I hope to make the very most of. I feel like for so many years I was asleep, letting the world tick away around me. I found myself focusing on what was wrong with things and what couldn’t be done; what do you know, the more I focused on that, the more that’s what I found. A posse ad esse, roughly translated, means “From possibility to reality” and sums up the way I want to focus as opposed to the way that I was. I have found that when I focus on what is possible, not probable or feasible but possible, I become like a lighting rod for ideas. I fumble my way through them, explore them, learn about them and many times diverge into something completely unrelated. If the ideas don’t manifest today, I’m not worried about it, they may just be fodder for an idea yet to come. The point is that I believe that we have the unique opportunity as humans to guide ourselves based very greatly on what it is that we focus our attentions on, and on our state of mind as we focus it. You’ve heard the phrase, “Think positive, and you’ll be positive”. Well add to it, “Think possibilities, and you’ll find possibilities”.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. The change that I want to see is for more positive thinking, more sustainable living and greater enthusiasm for life. I welcome you and hope you’ll check back in again. And for those of you who make me a regular stop in your day already, let me say how humbled I am for the time you give me.






Phelan said...

Congrats! I know the feeling :D

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