Welcome All! I'm a dreamer, I hope you are too! A Posse ad Esse, or From possibility to reality, is a general state of mind. I hope you'll share your possibilities with me as I will with you. Namaste~

September 1, 2008


I have to, from time to time, put down for the record the way that I am feeling at a particular point. If for no other reason than because not only is the purpose of this blog to share information and ideas about a different way of living, it's also a place for me to put down how I feel about life and where I stand in it.

This evening, after another long weekend getting things done around the house, experimenting with new things, playing games with my kids and working shoulder to shoulder with my wife to preserve food for our future, I felt content. As I lay down tonight, tired and a little sore, I lay next to the love of my life. Our kids sleep soundly in the next room after a good weekend of playing and working to help around the house. Our freezer is filling, as is the pantry, and our garden is yielding its end of-the-summer harvests while its fall growth begins. I have a good job that, while it may not be my life's dream, is stable and with people I truly like to be around. I am, in a word, content.

As I've said before, the choices that A~ and I have made to change the way we go through life, have been made to be simple, not necessarily easy. But that said, it consistently amazes me how happy I can be, even working harder than most in our neighborhood, by doing these simple things. I guess it's the less is more thing? Do you get this feeling too? Do you feel content, if not fulfilled? Do your aches bug you a little less because you know they are for a greater purpose? I hope so. If I can give one piece of advice it would be to do the things that make you feel comfortable, content, in tune with your world. I think there's a lot to be found in that.
Namaste All


Anonymous said...

Great post p! And I know just what you mean. Hope you're feeling better. We've all been dealing with a head cold here too.

Cyber_Hippie said...

Yup, yup, yup!

We know people think we are weird, but what we are doing on our little, tiny piece of land is making our lives better, is saving us money, and is teaching us a lot.

Great post!

~The Hippie