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September 9, 2008

Beans are here for sure!

Oh yeah, the beans are on now. I can go out every night and pick a pound or two of beans without fail. Or, like tonight, I can go out after skipping a day and a half and pick a quarter bushel that weighs 4 1/2 pounds. Looks like some canning is in the future huh? And this is after putting up 6 pints of dilly beans this Sunday too!
Check out the progress with the bean trellises so far this year. The idea for the cube shaped trellising was that I would be able to bring the beans out toward me, rather that having one big bush that we have to dig through every day like last year. Below is the picture from the end of June showing the summer gardens just taking off.
And here, below, (don't mind that ugly shmoe digging around in the foliage) is the bean plants this evening. As you can see, the plants are really easy to get to, and in fact, I have a small rolling garden box that I sit on to do most of the picking. Much much better than last year!
And finally, guess who else loves the bean plants? This big ole mantis is who. Actually in the interest of honesty in journalism, I found this guy on the siding of our house but he's been relocated to the beans. We set out a cocoon early this spring for manti, could they get this big in one season? Do they over winter? Anyone?
On a positive note, while the other plants in the summer garden didn't perform to expectations, at least the beans are prolific this year.
Till tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The beans and the praying mantis look like they are fairin well. Good work! The hard work that goes into these projects (and life), is beautiful to look back on when the fruits start barin forth. tp

Phelan said...

My beans did horribly this year. Glad some one has some.

MeadowLark said...

I'm out picking up dilly bean recipes. Do share. I have 10 lbs I have to pick up today and then do something with them. YIKES!

Chicago Mike said...

I am curious what did not do well? All indications I see are that things are doing well.

Optix said...

Funny, I saw a mantis today on a wall outside a store in SLC !!!

Sandy said...

The beans look great! I'm going to be putting in new raised bed structures and really like the leaning trellis idea.

And what the heck are dilly beans? ;-)