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September 23, 2008

A quick update.

Well, no big stuff tonight. We spent the night together as a family with a trip to our community pool (indoor) and then some tasty gelato from a local shop. Why the Monday night festivities? Well, Mamma's leaving us tomorrow. A~ that is. She's heading out to West Virginia tomorrow to visit her family. Her sisters getting married and we haven't been able to get her out there for a couple of years to visit so it seemed like a good time.

What does that mean for me, and for the blog? Hmmm.... not really sure how it'll pan out. I'll be posting for sure, just not sure on the frequency. The boys are sure to be needy, as their not used to being without Mom for long, and I'll lead chef and bottle washer if you get my drift. (This should be good?)

Also, tomorrow will bring interesting news one way or the other. What about? Well now, it wouldn't be a teaser is I told you now would it? Just a hint? OK, "wish me luck".
See you soon


Anonymous said...

Good luck it is then!!tp

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! And I hope A has a wonderful time!

Joe said...

Remember, tonight at 7pm is the Public Hearing where the City Council will consider "comprehensive changes to Syracuse City Municipal Code Title 10 - Land Use Ordinance", aka "the Chicken's are okay" ordinance.

- www.JoeLevi.com

Jason & Jackie said...

I heard they need people at the meeting tonight not too many people are happy about having another WLDSM (that stands for something that might not sit well with some so if you need clarrification e-mail me) on the council they want change and we aren't getting it I won't be there (long story!) you and your boys will have so much fun!

Sandy said...

You'll do just fine, I'm sure! I travel for business every few months and my husband always survives. Of course, I hear about all the work he had to do for the next week.