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September 18, 2008

So much...so little

So much going on in the world, so little to say about it. Anyone else feel the same way? I mean I keep hearing about a bank collapse here, a bailout there. Food going up, oil coming down but gas not following it. (what's up with that by the way?) It's hard some days not to let the world just be one big downer.

So much to do, so little time to get it done. I have projects lined up three weeks in advance I think; finish my side yard fencing project so the dog and the chickens will stay in the yard, finish removing a couple of non-productive fruit trees, complete next years garden expansion, the list goes on but you get the point. Life just keeps seeming to pop up around me and sidetrack from the plan I have.

Sorry I don't have anything more exciting to share. But hey, I'm not quitting, I'll be back tomorrow, anything anyone is curious about? Perhaps I'll finally get off my but and draw out the plans for some of my homestead hardscaping projects so I can share them.

Have a great day all


Anonymous said...

I too am grieved over the failures and bailouts. I believe we are headed down a rough road (more so) where our government is concerned. What about gov. by the people for the people????? So much concern in my heart and mind, hard to fit it all into words. I will move on...dogs and chickens. How do you acclimate the two. I have heard so much about dogs killing chickens. We have two dogs a lab and a golden retriever. Mild manored and sweet, but still dogs. Any tips???
Back to the other.... How do we make our country a better place. I am raising my children at home, teaching them responsible citizen duties, to love Jesus and serve mankind with their whole heart. Trying to live this out in my own life too.......thanks for listening (kinda feel like eyeore!!!!:) ) tp

Andrew S. said...

There is so much going on and so little to say that I have a hard time even blogging on Green news. It seems so irrelevant at this point. But, I too must move on.

BTW, I am really liking your blog. f only my garden grew as well as yours.

Bill said...

This might not be the best way to deal with the issues around the nation, but I am just taking a break from listening about it. I am coming home from work and just working on things I can control like organizing my garage and working to improve my yard; things I can control.

Eva said...

It's troubling... isn't it? I too think we are headed down a long rough road. I usually watch/read just enough to 'know' what's going on, trying not to get too sucked up in it all.

Congratulations on the great garden output! And all of those eggs!!! Wow. Great job!

Sandy said...

The financial crisis has forced the politicos to talk about real issues, something I don't think they'd all prefer to be doing.

As for truly real issues, I am still waiting for my chickens to start laying eggs. All of them are breeds that should lay throughout the year and at least two of them look physically mature enough to lay, but still no eggs.

P~ said...

Who would have thought such a little post would have invoked such interest? I guess we're all feeling the pinch aren't we. I agree with a lot of you that I just try to balance getting enough information to stay abreast of the things going on, without being overwhelmed with worry.

tp~ The gov by the people only works when the people participate in it. Unfortunatly too many are just sheeople that go along with whatever they're fed in the news. As for the dog and chickens, It's a 4.5 lb chihuahua, The girls are all bigger than him...plus he's more chicken than they are!

Andrew~ I enjoy your blog as well. Glad to see you were able to catch the webcast of T.Boone. Keep up the green news, I really enjoy it! Thank you for the kind words also.

~Bill, Ditto!

~Eva, good to hear from you... Thanks!

Sandy~ It's frustrating isn't it? 20 weeks +/- that's the magic window. Although that could be effected by the weather a bit. Keep watching. If they free range a lot you could have them show up anywhere at first. Try putting a plastic egg in their roosting boxes, I've heard that can help too.

Be well all!

Jason & Jackie said...

After listening to the Secret by Rhonda Byrne I pretty much quit subjecting myself and my family to the news I still here all the negative people have to say I try my hardest to see positive in everything!!! It is frustrating when you see the Gov. bail out banks and companies but not the people We needed some help after the housing market dropped so did our income A LOT! We called our motagage co they said sorry no help here (countryWide) So I wrote to the president and the Gov. (we are in major need of help) I went to the top I did get a message from the Gov of some places that maybe able to help but no bail out I don't want them to pay for my house I'll pay every penny I just need a lower payment right now! So for now I tell myself everything will be fine as a I try to find something I can do for money and still be a mom to my 3 kids