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September 5, 2008

You're a LIAR and a FOOL ... now, let's change the world.

Not really the best way to go about things is it? Supposing you and I were both after the same job; and say you and I argue for, let’s say a year and a half. We call each other liars, talk about how bad the other person would make things, explain why we are right and people ought to listen to OUR point of view and go to great lengths to point out to the world every stupid thing the other has ever said or done. The longer it goes on, the more our friends and allies start to polarize against each other because, now they think to themselves, “Geez, I thought that person was so smart, but they want THAT person to lead the way?” and quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, they start to bicker about things too. Then one day… *POOF*… argument settled! It’s been decided that one of us is the one that is going to lead the way and make the big decisions. Now let’s all come together and sing coombayah, and make the world a better place. What? You’re not still angry about all that “…you lied and you’ll ruin the world..” stuff are you? Come on, we have serious work to do here.
Well, that’s pretty much politics as usual and I’m sorry (not really), but I’m just not going to be a part of it. As I’ve spent a little of my precious time over the last couple of weeks watching and listening to the presidential convention speeches, I’ve thought a couple of times about making a post about one thing or another; I’ve heard things from both candidates that I’ve agreed with to a great extent. My issue with the whole process and particularly how it relates to my blog, is this. I have a pseudo mission statement for this blog that's been pretty plainly laid out in a few of the posts throughout it’s time online and is very succinctly stated in the title itself. “Possibility to Reality”. I spent a good number of years arguing about policies and politics and guess what? It really didn't change the country, and most certainly DID change me. The more I concentrated on what my position was on things, and even more so on why the people that had the opposing position were wrong, the more and more unhappier I became. Have you ever noticed that, regardless of what a candidate actually does once their elected, voters tend to be more apt to get out and vote FOR something, rather than AGAINST something. In other words, no matter how much one candidate tends to point out how bad the other person is, if they don't actually stand for something specific themselves, they generally lose. Why? Because I think people naturally want to think positively of things. They want to be a part of the future and a part of something greater than themselves.
My concern is this. If we buy into the partisanship that's peddled to us through all of the standard media outlets. If we just re wrap articles from the Times or Tribunes of the world filtered by our particular biases (whatever they are we can substantiate them, trust me!) and further perpetuate the divisions of our country, then we do a disservice, not only to ourselves and our readers, but an even greater disservice to our country and our future as a whole.
We, I believe, stand at a crossroads. We are at a time when not only are we facing economic woes or the possibility of peak oil and climate change, we have wars and power plays taking place in many places at once. We have a bankruptcy of not only capitol but of morality and self control and a culture of self gratification that demands more for less at a moments notice. These are things that are changing. Things that MUST change. Things that our government, regardless of who's elected, will not be able to change on it's own. They more than likely will not even consider that many of the problems need changing. So we need to come together and lead. To show our elected officials that they need to come together to make the big changes as well. How are they to do that, how are we to do that, if we have been trained to point at how wrong the other side is and vote solely on "party lines". In that case, we are too busy looking at the splinter in our neighbors eye than at the log in our own.
I've read a few other blogs this last week that I feel got a bit mired in this kind of partisanship. Some are ones that I read regularly, others are ones I visit only occasionally. I don't think less of any of them, I understand their passion for these things and for the changes that they hope for. I just hope that we in this "new media", with our overwhelming freedom to offer suggestions and solutions and our ability to lead the way to these changes through our own example, will look not to furthering the divisions in our greatest nation, but to healing them. I ask you to find the possible. Find it, embrace it, share it and make it the reality. We can do it!


Anonymous said...

How about 3rd party support??? Do you believe that is throwing our vote away. My heart is changing so much. Always voted Rep. but now I find they do not represent me (my thinking on issues, except for life). I am tired of politics as usual, why does it seem to be a power game with no REAL concern for our country and its precious people and thier land!! I am not talking about free health care, I am talking about FREEDOM. One last thought on this, why do so many feel it is the governments resposibility to take care of us??? I am sorry for ranting. I have enjoyed your blog for a number of weeks now, and all you are working towards for personal responsibility. Good stuff. When I read this post, it hit a nerve , I am quite concerned. Thanks-tp

farm mom said...

Great post p. I completely agree. I've read a few blog posts and a few threads on some forums and I wish I hadn't. In fact, I was a bit scared to read yours, for fear of the same! (sorry.) What a bitter, angry and stagnant people we have become.

P~ said...

I am for third parties. I just don't know how we get there. The system seems almost rigged against it. so, do we vote third party just to make a point, and "throw it away" or vote lesser of two evils? I have always tended toward the latter, but more and more lately I don't really see too much difference so I am becoming inclined to vote third party in order to support the idea of it. It's a quandry isn't it? Thanks for weighing in, and by the way, feel free to rant any time.

Honestly, I was a bit afraid to post it after writing it. I guess I just felt like it was important enough to take the chance. Thanks for the support!

MeadowLark said...

It is depressing, that's for sure. I totally echo anonymous. In fact, anonymous I would love it if you'd contact me... my email is on my profile. We sound like we're in the exact same place. (I registered Independent last year, changed from Republican).

P~, thanks for always having food for thought... we definitely need to think more!