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October 3, 2008

I'm so sick and tired of this...

Really, I swear I am going to scream and begin to pull out my ha…. well, I don’t have much hair, but if I did I’d pull it out I swear! Ok, Ok, so what am I losing it about? This whole debate we just had over the $700 billion “bailout” or “rescue” or “economic life raft” that just passed. It’s not the fact that they debated it that’s bugged me, it’s HOW they debated it!

When I hear a politician interviewed from one side or the other, I don’t hear about the pro’s or con’s of the package; the merits versus the liabilities. What I kept hearing was this partisan crap about how “This was the result of poor regulation by the Republican administration”, or “In January 2005 the Republicans and John McCain warned about the need for more oversight and regulation of Fannie and Freddie and the Democrats killed it. It’s their fault.” I’m tired of it! What do I think caused this problem? To a great degree I agree that inaction and wrong decisions on both side of the isle allowed us to get to the point we are, but I don’t believe it caused it. That, I believe, came primarily from greed and complacency. And now we have a $700 billion, pork laden mess to reckon with and for our kids to pay off. Thanks guys... but is it all their fault?

We live in a society that for the large part espouses more and more, faster and faster and looks poorly on you if you can’t keep up. It’s true whether we like it or not. It’s no different from the root of many of the problems that face us today, I don’t think. Basically, greed and desire got the better of us as a nation. I mean who can blame us, we’re bombarded at nearly every corner by something that we need to have, and if we do manage to resist, our kids come home with all the stuff they need to have to "complete them". (At least in their eyes and the eyes of their peers.) So of course when companies start offering loans with all kinds of “perks” like no money down, no need for verifiable income, interest only ARM’s etc. a lot of us that are not economists and tend to trust the establishment at large are going to take advantage of it. Or better yet we can take the “equity” that we have in our now artificially inflated home prices and use that to get the new toy du jour that we need to have. Now we can have our cake, eat it, and pay for it over the next thirty (and sometimes even 50!) years with simple small installments. Oh yeah, but wait, wasn’t that kind of what happened just before the Great Depression? Paper money income, that is not to say actual FIAT currency but rather “investment” income from the stock market was so high that wall street and even the public at large felt it had reached a permanent plateau. Banks even began lending money to people to buy stocks at a rate of nearly two thirds the price of the stock. It was considered a totally safe practice. Sound familiar? So here we are, facing an economy that has basically forced the government to come to us with hat in hand, strike that…BAT in hand to scare us into approving this massive bail out that will possibly fix the problem in the very short term but opens a can of worms that could cause much more serious ones in the future.

So back to the crux of this problem. Who caused it? Who’ll save us from it? Well, I think that's going to rest pretty squarely on the shoulders of the same people that I just blamed for a majority cause in the problem... we the people. Oh sure, I totally agree that some serious regulatory oversight needs to be put in place, but I also think that we need to rethink a few of the things that have been driving us for the last 20 or so years. For many of us, a good majority of our adult lives. On the up-side, I think we're starting to get there. I hear more and more about people choosing to "live more simply", or making choices about what they consume, rather than just running on autopilot. It's a good thing. The more dialogue we can get started about this stuff, the more acceptable it will become and the more people will start paying attention.

As for the politics of the issue, well I'm sorry to say I've become a pretty big pessimist in the last couple of years. As of right now, I'm not voting for either of the candidates. I've seen no specific economic plans, short of more hand outs, from either of them, no energy plan other that to say they'll drill more and expand alternatives (A nice soundbite, but HOW? That's what I want to know.). Basically it just seems that both the candidates are leaving me with the old lesser of two evils choice, and I'm so sick and tired of that too! I am, my family is, my readers are, our nation is more important that the lesser of two evils.

Just my opinion...Care to share yours?


Marianna said...

Oh, I have a multitude of opinions about the "bail out" or as this mornings paper put it boondoggle! We the American people need to start looking long and hard at who stands to gain the most from this. The thing that struck me yesterday is what was being said now that it is a done deal. Now, it might not work. We have to be patient and wait and see etc...

I agree with you. I hear lots about people living more simply, and changing their lifestyles. I must say, however, that I'm not seeing it here in the suburbs of Dallas. Like my mom commented when we drove by a Starbucks: somebody forgot to tell these people we are in a recession as they idle in the drive-through lane in Suburbans, Escalades and Expeditions waiting for their $4.00 latte!

Robbyn said...

Yes, I have layers of opinions, but I've been called an End Times person, blah blah blah. I think it is simple..we've lived beyond our means because of whatever reason..whatever reason, it's been the wrong reason. It's been promoted, but we had options all along.

All the advertising and all the people who have anything to sell are telling us to consume consume consume. We've been told to force feed our appetites, and that to deny ourselves ANYTHING is to be disadvantaged.

I told my daughter 4 years ago that I believed we'd see a Depression in the next 10 years, even though others laughed at me. I already made the mistakes of the young who wanted everything NOW. My first marriage was fraught with tension because I had a spouse who refused to live within our means, and we all paid the price. I made mistakes, too, but when the marriage ended, perhaps one of the only silver linings was that I felt free financially, even though I was soooooooo much more broke.

Along with the excesses of spending in our modern world, I think there is a frantic grasping for diversions, distractions, entertainment and panaceas...anything but reality. When we step OUT of that swirling downward vortex, there is a great sense of relief, and hope. Then we have to find out who we are and if we have character beyond all the hype.

It takes integrity to build from there, and it doesnt come through the TV or anything "boughten." What's happening on the national level is just the outworkig of what we've accepted as the daily status quo...we've got to change that by changing ourselves. It's too late to stop a day of reckoning. I just wish we'd all had more foresight to realize the bigger the party (in a manner of speaking), the bigger the hangover...

I'm not despairing, though. My grandparents made it through the Great Depression by doing what we're doing now...doing what we can withh what we have. At some point, we realize the silliness in trying to perpetuate a High School popularity youth culture and its non-values and realize our own cup of coffee tastes better tahn the 4 buck starbuck's one...or no coffee, and a great glass of water.

See? told you I'm a freak :)


P~ said...

I agree with both of you.

Marianne, I see a lot of that too, but that's the norm. Seeing people making different choices and asking for help with starting their own Freedom Gardens, that is not the norm and it's good to see.

Robbyn, You know I don't think your a freak. We "doomers" gotta stick together. I do think things will get worse before better, but doing a little every day to change my habits and to build new ones and new skills makes me feel like I have some control.
Thanks for the input ladies.

Anonymous said...

My family and i were at the beach (the gulf) for a few days escape and rest, what a wonderful time we had together! While there a bit of a situation arose back home with one of the animals. What to do?? My sweet daughter said as we took an evening walk on the beach to watch the sunset sky and chase crabs,*ya know momma, God made all these creatures (however scary, and awesome) in the ocean.He even made the sky and the ocean and sustains them. He will take care of that which concerns us, He can handle it*.
So far as what is going on with our Gov. ,I will have to rely on my Faith to help me. I tend to take on the weight of the world. This only drives me nuts, not to mention those around me :-)! I(we) must do our part. Being a person of faith i know those who speak of God's sovreign(bad spelling)rule, and those who speak of man's duty. I believe both. A friend said once 2/3 of God is GO!! But ultimately I will have to put my trust in Him. I surely don't understand all that is happening,it is beyond me the thinking of some of these policies, and issues in the world. But i believe as my daughter sweetly put it He sustains all the ocean and space, I will trust Him to handle this. AND GO and do what i can.
I did not mean this to be a sermon, just some of my thoughts during this heavy time. May peace reign in our hearts and minds as we walk this path. tp

MeadowLark said...

I am not even allowed to watch the news at home (only somewhat kidding) because I end up shouting at the TV. I, too, am so sick of the blame game. Neither of the politicians running for President care about us. We had best take care of ourselves.

It's too depressing to think about.

Jason & Jackie said...

I love the guy who got on tv and said if they split that money and gave it to every American o18 & over we would all get $300,000 you can't tell me that wouldn't boost the economy instead We are bailing out the people who got us into the mess while we are still losing our homes and struggling

Susan said...

Ah, let the games begin:
Bush's pampered pets!

MeadowLark said...

Oh Susan, make no mistake, the Democrats are no better. Or at least they're bad, but in a different way. Executive corruption has been around for a long time (think Fords, Rockefellers, etc) and will continue until the day we rise up and say ENOUGH.

I'm hoping this is the year. But not very hopeful. :(