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October 12, 2008

Well what do you know?

The weather forecast was right on the money?! We woke up this morning and guess what we found...SNOW. At first I looked out the window and told A~ it was only an inch or two max. Oops, good thing I'm not in the weather business. I took this picture at around 9 o'clock this morning when I went out to check on the chickens (They did great with the snow by the way.)
That's 5 1/4 inches. It kept up all day and on the news tonight, they said we ended up with 8 inches! More crazy weather. It's almost like...like the global weather patterns are all jacked up, changing even. Go figure? I took a little video this morning too, just to break up the monotony.

You'll have to forgive the audio on part of the video, it's a little faint. I just thought some of you would appreciate a look inside the A-frames to see how they're working. Which has been great I think. I took the video this morning at around 9 o'clock as well, and although the temperature
inside was only a little bit over 36 deg F it wasn't freezing, even though the sides of the A-frames were piled with all the snow that had slid off the sides all night.

In the afternoon I went out and checked temps again and, even with the snow that kept coming down all day, the temperature had come up to 59.6 F. The tomato plants were wilting a bit, but the tomatoes were slowly ripening. So far, so good, I guess I'll call the frames a success thus far. Anyone else having any experiences they'd care to share with keeping their harvest going? I'm always looking for new ideas.

Hope the fall is going well for all of you, or for my Southern hemisphere readers your spring. Till next time.



warren said...

Egads! I can't bear the thought of snow yet! Glad things worke dout though!

Anonymous said...

OH MAN! I'm with Warren!! Please don't send it our way!! ;)Thanks for sharing the video.

MeadowLark said...

Send it to us! I'm envious. We just got a smidge the other day and it was gone that afternoon. :(

I love winter. Ya lucky bum!