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October 25, 2008

"Big weigh-in" Spring/Summer wrap-up

Do you see that? Maybe you can't quite make it out...I'll help you out, It says Spring / Summer garden 511.68 lbs!!! WE DID IT! A~ and I set out this year to grow for 500 lbs and as of yesterday, we not only met, but exceeded that goal. With the days being pretty warm here, and the nights getting around freezing, even the plastic tarping wasn't helping the tomatoes to ripen as well as I'd hoped. (Although the cherry tomatoes are actually still producing.) That said, I decided that it was probably a good time to get out and harvest what was effectively the final harvest from the Spring and Summer garden.
A few of the tom's are still green and some not quite ripe, but all will be enjoyed in their own time. I honestly wasn't sure that we were actually going to be able to make the goal, this being the first year that we had ever aspired to even weigh all of our harvests. A~ on the other hand has seemingly turned into a pro harvest estimator; she said all along that we'd make it and what do you know, here we are.

The best part is, we're not even done completely yet. There's probably another couple of pounds on the cherry tomato, and I have fall planted spinach, beets and kohlrabi yet to harvest. Hopefully the weather will hold for a little longer to let them all bulk up a bit, but if not I have to say A~ and I are both pretty happy that we've been able to meet our goal.

So, what's next? A~'s already talking not doubling but tripling it next year. Um, does she realize that that's 1500 lbs??? Who am I to argue... I'm just the labor. I will say that the backyard expansion is already nearly done and should be by the end of the weekend. The next thing on the list is relocating the chickens for next year and then tilling up our "parking area" on the front side-yard of the house. You didn't think we'd just sit back and be satisfied did you?

Have a great weekend all.


jayedee said...

how completely awesome is that? doesn't it feed GREAT to see, in black and white, how much of your own food you've seen to? high fives all around!

ps......thanks for turning us on to Apocolyptica.......like you, it's been years since i've really listened to metal.....but i was impressed with these guys.....so were my kids! who'd have thunk it?

Robbyn said...

Wow, that's terrific!!! Can't wait to see how your garden grows from here, and this is just the first year, wooo!!

Laura said...

Congrats! I'm very impressed!

We didn't weigh our harvest very reliably this year, but maybe next year. Today we harvest 178 pounds of finished chicken though. Not bad for our first try at raising our own broilers.

Can't wait to see what you do next year!

RedStateGreen said...

Congratulations! I'm impressed. :)

This makes me want to weigh my harvests next year ... *g*

Chicago Mike said...


Funny, we just harvested the green tomatoes ahead of hard frost tonite. Note that you can put them in a bowl with bananas and they will ripen a little more quickly.

Bananas naturally give off a gas as they ripen that ripens other fruits. This was used as a method by commercial markets for a long time (although I don't think so anymore).

Freija and Beringian Fritillary said...

Congrats! This is my first year of weighing the harvest as well. It has been motivational and informative to keep records on our yields. Wow! Tripling is quite the goal. We are aiming for more next year as well.

With all of the weighing I also learned about how much food we eat a day, and along with the yeild records of how much we produced, I finally have a pretty good idea of how much food we need to grow.

esp said...

Wow! That is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!

rhonda jean said...

You two are the best! Congratulations on reaching your goal. I have no doubt you'll do whatever it is you decide upon each year. Good luck with your planning for next year's garden.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! Ya'll are a great encouragement! tp

P~ said...

Man I'm blushing from all the kudo's being thrown around. Thanks to all.
I've been really happy with the garden so far this year, and with A~ for getting so much more involved with it. She's set the bar high for next year. All we can do is aim for it right?
Thanks again everyone.