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October 1, 2008

You're still here??

Or at least that's what the statcounter says.
Glad you hung in there. Everything gets a little out of kilter when A~'s not here, but as I said before, we survived. Tell you the truth, I'm just glad she decided to come back at all. I mean West Virginia is "Almost Heaven" after all.
This is one of her favorite places to visit when she's back there. She's got good taste dontcha think? I wish we could build us a little homestead up there. Oh well... Dreams huh?

Meanwhile, I was thinking that since I haven't posted anything, let alone a good update to the garden progress for the fall, that you might be interested in what's been going on. Oh yeah, and NOT going on this fall.
Beets are doing great! I figure I'll probably let these grow for another week or so, and then thin them for the greens. If you've not tried beet greens sauteed with some butter and garlic you are missing out. This has been the first year that I've grown them, and I've been really happy with them. They germinate well, grow quickly and are useful from their small leafy stage through their mature root form.
The other Rock-Star of spring/fall gardening is doing great too. Spinach! I planted a bunch more for the fall than I did in the spring. The idea being that, since spinach is so cold tolerant, I will be able to get good greens clear through Thanksgiving (that's the goal anyway.) and hopefully put some up for the winter until I can start again in the spring.
And finally, the Kohlrabi. This is the second planting of the year. Planted for a fall harvest. This is also the first year that we've grown this plant, but we all loved it! I don't know how it will do as fall gets on, as it's rated as the least cold tolerant of the brassicas, but hey, it's worth a try right? Besides, I have a few tricks I haven't pulled out yet too.

As for the NOT so goods, there are a few. Broccolli and carrots to name a few. My broccoli just never germinated, and the carrots...I think that some birds got to the sprouts. They were there and healthy one day, gone the next. I do have some back up's on those though. Remember I planted some under the cucumbers? I won't be storing tons of them or anything, but I should get a good ten pounds or so.

We're looking to have a slow weekend coming up. Rain and cold, snow in the mountains. I was hoping to get caught up on some yard work, but we'll see I guess.
Hope your weeks been great.
Til tomorrow.


warren said...

You are lucky to get A~ back. WV is really starting to change for fall. Two more weeks and you'd be done for!

Alyssa said...
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SLC michelle said...

The Slugs love to eat my carrots as soon as they pop out of the ground. its been a battle around here. I go heavy on the DE right when they are germinating. Also I start them in copper rings about 3" tall cut from sheets of copper. It took me awhile to figure out what was wrong. I would see the green poking out of the ground one day and the next day there would be nothing there.