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March 17, 2009

Holy crap....I'm TWO!!

I guess I was so busy mourning my chickens and planning my gardens that I totally spaced it. But the 6th of March was my second blogiversary!!

It's been a great couple of years too hasn't it? I still get to hear from my friends that have been checking in here for ever it seems like. Farm Mom, Phelan, Eva, Rhonda and so many others. I get to share everything that goes on here in our little world with you and hear what's going on in yours. Even more, I get to learn from you all, and maybe even pass on some wisdom of my own to others.

I've grown a good bit this year too. In 2008 I had had 7,496 unique visitors and I was amazed at it. For last year (09) I had 27,760 Unique visitors, now I'm even more amazed!! No matter how often I get on here and see this little community that's developed I feel so lucky to get to have you stop by.

I'm looking forward to another great year with you all. I hope you'll stick around a while longer. And if you've just stopped by for the first time. Welcome! Leave a comment, ask a question or just lurk around for a while if you like. I'm easy to work with.

Here's to another year!


mrsdirtyboots said...

Oh cool! Happy blogiversary!

Gavin said...

Well done Paul. Happy blogiversary, and many returns.


heather said...

congratulations paul, write on!

Kory said...

happy second blurthday!

farm mom said...

Happy Blogiversary my friend, and I am honored to be on that list of yours! Looking forward to another amazing year, I know you have so much ahead of you! :)

Pamela said...

I am a new fan.....but love your posts.

Thanks for being here and affecting my little world in a very good way.



carat said...

Happy blogiversary to you! Thanks for the time you take to do the blog. It has inspired me to take up gardening this year. (I think I'm the only person in Utah who doesn't have a garden, or at least in my subdivision.)