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March 22, 2009

This and that

Nothing big to report this weekend, it was time for a bit of rest. Of course that doesn't mean that nothing got done, just not nearly as much as I had hoped.
I did get my final new piece of garden bed all turned and tilled. It will be an onion patch that I should get 30 or more onions in. I picked up a couple of six packs of Chinese cabbage and some broccoli to drop in one on the garden beds too. I've been wanting to try chinese cabbage and so far my brocolli seeds are not sprouting very well so I wanted to hedge my bets.
I also ended up hanging some new blinds in 5 of our downstairs windows. I hate hanging blinds, but this time instead of buying some junky cheapo ones, we spent a couple of bucks more and got some quality ones that we hopefully won't have to change out for many years!
The biggest thing for me that went on this weekend was my first class that I taught as a Master Gardener. The class was taught at a local church and was set up to run in two different groups. Each group was about 30 minutes and just flew by! They were a very interested group of people and asked great questions. Each class ended up spending a huge amount of time talking about compost. Lucky for them, and me, that's one of my favorite things to talk about. I really enjoyed giving the class, and am already looking forward to my next on in April. This is something I can really get into doing.
Today the kids went down to Salt Lake to visit with family so A~ and I had an opportunity to spend some good quality time together. We had a good lunch and rented "Australia" for some home entertainment. It was a great time!
I hope you all had a great weekend and maybe got some work in on your gardens.
Catch you all tomorrow.


Kory said...

unfortunately it was freezing cold in my neck o the woods, but I'm glad to hear the class went so well as I make preparations to teach my own, though admittedly not with the same credentials or experience.

I tried chinese cabbage last year and found I was the only person in the house who ate it, so I was going to exclude it from my plans this year until I remembered that it was a magnet for cabbage loving caterpillars, and kept the broccoli largely unscathed. As a trap crop "blues chinese hybrid" (napa style cabbage) worked fantastic. The bugs seemed to like it better than anything else including bok choi and broccoli, so take that into consideration.

Chiot's Run said...

People seem to be very interested in compost. I've been talking about it for a couple days and everyone has been giving some great tips.

Anthony said...

Of course there were lots of questions about compost. Who doesn't love talking about compost? :)

Congrats on your first Master Gardener class. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.