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March 6, 2009

Master Gardener update

It was another good set of classed this week. What am I saying? Have I declared yet that I haven't liked any of the classes? NO! Truth be told, I'm having a really good time.

Wednesday we had a class on weeds. No, not *WEED*...weeds, like invasive, nuisance noxious, bane of my existence type of weeds. It was interesting to hear the guest instructors way of pointing out the problems with weeds that we may not think of regularly. He made that argument that non-native, invasive weeds are the greatest threat to natural ecosystems in the West. Not pollution, not climate change, not even drought; weeds! Something to think about...ain't it?

The class this afternoon was all about the UBC. The Utah Botanical Center. We got to speak with and ask questions of the Director of the program. There wasn't a whole lot of content in a traditional sense to this class, it was more of a familiarizing for us with the mission of the center and what part we can expect to play in that future. It's really an amazing place. If your in Utah and you're so inclined, I heartily encourage you to drop in a check the place out. Maybe this summer for the Thursday farmers market, or to check out the grand openings of the wetlands preserve classroom and the new arboretum.

There's always the Utah House too.
That's a model display home built using sustainable materials and techniques. It's a great experience and really gives you a good idea of what's possible out there with different methods.

As a matter of fact, speaking of the Utah house, A~ and I will be there tomorrow morning at 9:30 for a lab on pruning fruit trees. It's fulfills one of our lab requirements for the class, and it may/should give me some skill at pruning so I can accomplish my Espalier that I'd like to try. I'm looking forward to it, then I'm looking forward to getting home and putting some effort into my garden. Springs close enough that I'm looking at doing some planting this weekend. Both inside and out!

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Grow on!

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Chiot's Run said...

That is very true about the weeds. We have a few of these kinds of weeds here in NE Ohio that have been taking over. I guess someon thought they were pretty "wildflowers" when they were traveling and brought them home and planted them. We have a few species that are killing off a lot of native species up by lake Erie and down here in the the rural areas as well.

This is why customs are adament about not bringing in plant/food material. The mites that plague honeybees were brought in as were many diseases. Since our plants haven't developed the natural resistance to their foreign plagues they don't stand a chance.