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March 26, 2009

These are my people

You may have noticed that I was a no-show yesterday. I had an invite from a fellow Freedom Gardener and very cool blogger Nate~ to attend his first Garden the avenues meet up that he was putting together. I've been checking in on Nate's blog SLC veggies pretty much since he first started it and it's been really cool to watch his progress as he moves along. He's not afraid at all to just jump right in and give it a go, even though he is admittedly still a novice gardener. I have no doubts of his harvest this summer!

Anyway, In addition to being a doctor, starting a large backyard (and front) garden, building a greenhouse and helping to raise his cute-as-a-button little boy, Nate's managed to start a local gardening group around his neighborhood down in Salt Lake. Last night was the first get together and I, although not an SLC resident, was invited to come over; you know I jumped at the chance! We all checked out his greenhouse, talked about plants and plans and shared some of our extra seeds or ones that we had saved from last year.

I've been really enjoying the community that's beginning to spring up around me. OK, not really around ME per se, I mean I'm not the center of the world. What I mean is that I've had many more occasions of late to get to know more people in my greater community that I would not have were it not for this blog, the Master Gardener class, the Freedom gardens community and just being willing to "put myself out there".

These are my people. No matter where we come from, our careers, our incomes or our particular demographic I find that with growing plants in common we can all enjoy each others company. We've all had the success of a superb homegrown tomato or sweet strawberry and the failures of infested lettuce or wilted cucumbers. We have common ground that is undeniable.

Now, if I could just get everyone in the world to garden...we'd all just be one big happy community garden! Right?

Nate, if your reading, thanks for the invite. I had a great time and look forward to meeting with you all again soon.


Chiot's Run said...

It's always great to meet likeminded folks isn't it.

Anonymous said...

HA! It is a rare thing to find a man willing to admit he is is fact, NOT the center of the universe!! LOL Glad you're getting out into your community and enjoying it immensely. Good for you, my friend! :)