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October 11, 2007

Skansen and thank you's

I was born in Umeå Sweden and grew up in California. When I was nine, my parents put me on a plane and sent me back there to get to know my family. When I got there my Mom had arranged to have a good friend U~, pick me up at the airport and show me around for a day or two, it's been 27 yrs the details are a little foggy. One thing I do remember was the trip she took me on to a place called Skansen. It is a living museum in Stockholm that shows how the Swedish people lived throughout history. I remember glass blowers, and timber frame barns, and all of the crafts and architecture. There are all things that are all near and dear to me even now.

I've said before that early on I began to be interested in old ways for lack of a better word. Well, if I had only a cursory interest in it prior to nine, then after Skansen I was enamoured. The home in the picture is one that has been in my head for most of my life. I had never seen a home with grass on the roof, and it wasn't until recently that I learned how efficient they are. All I know is that it felt so comfortable to me; like I had grown up there. Being as I was nine, I don't know if I ever took the time to let U~ know how much I appreciate her taking the time to do show me around, and unwittingly as it may have been, shaping a young mind. I talked with Mom tonight and she told me that when U~ was out recently visiting her, she gave her the address for my blog. So U~ (I assume you know who you are, I never use full names here, it's a silly little thing I do.) thank you so much, I hope you'll come here and check in on me once and a while, and if you click the link below the post where it says "_ comments", you can leave me a note.
Strange how life puts things in front of you that are just meant to be there isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Hi Patrik,
Thanks for letting me know about Skansen. I had forgotten that we were there but I am really glad that you remember it so well and that you liked it. I do remember though that you went back with me to CA and because of your talking to people on the plane I travelled to Fresno and got to see Yosemite National Park after your Mom and I had been in San Fransicso. This time when Göran and I was visiting CA we also went to S.F. and it was really nice. I will follow you on your blog once in a while. It is nice to read. U

P~ said...

Ulla, so glad to have you reading it. Hope you and your husband had a great visit with my parents. They're out here now. Don't be a stranger, I hope to hear from you.