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November 21, 2008

Growing Possibilities

I've still got a bit of sniffles, but the sore throat seems to be gone and I'm feeling quite a bit better tonight. Whether I felt 100% or not though I'd have to be on here to leave this post for you because tonight I've got some pretty cool news. I'm expanding again.

No no no... I don't mean like my waist line or anything, although next week if history holds true that may be the case as well. What I'm talking about is my writing is expanding again. Some of you may be familiar with a sister magazine of Mother Earth News called Grit Magazine. It is a rural-lifestyle magazine and is, in their words, dedicated to "maintaining the valuable rural traditions of community and stewardship in the United States". Now what's not to love about that right? Well now I get to be a part of that effort, you see I'll be writing a weekly blog for their web site called "Growing Possibilities". You can find it on their Reader Blogs page, (I'm the guy right at the top with the chicken) or link right over to it HERE.

I think that this will be a great place for me to share a lot of the things that I do around my place that differ from the way someone might do it, for instance, on a real farm, or at least on a place with more acreage. I work a much smaller piece of earth than many of the Grit readers probably do, but I think there are a lot of people that, like me, have yearned for a more earth-centric life even if it means making it in their suburban back yard. As I reasearched and learned more about what was possible I found a number of people and families, the Dervaes for instance, that were able to do so much on thier little piece of land and were such an inspiration to me. My hope is that as time goes on, I can be of some small help to others as well; passing it on so to speak. That's a good part of why I've been making it a goal this year to expand my writing, teaching and sharing as much as I can. This will be a great addition I think.

For all of you who have been with me for the last few years, I hope you'll stop by there once in a while as well. I'll generally only be posting something once a week, but it will usually be new information from the stuff I put on here and I'll put a notice up when I do post there. For any new readers coming over from Grit, welcome! I hope you'll take a look through some of the older posts and weigh in when you feel comfortable.

Here's to growing again...Growing Possibilities that is!


Anonymous said...

Whoohoo!! Congrats p that's great!! Sheesh! I cannot even begin to imagine whats next for you....you're taking on the world my friend, good for you! :)

jayedee said...

major congrats! may i have your autograph now? lol
you'll be in stellar company......lacy razor is a dear friend of mine!

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! Huge congratulations!