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November 16, 2008

Weekend Update

I had a great weekend.
I didn't really get an enormous amount of stuff done or anything, but I just had a good time. Saturday, A~ and I dropped the boys off in SLC to visit with some family for the weekend and we just kind of hung out together. It's not at all that I like having the boys gone, but I really enjoy the occasions that she and I get to just be a couple... not "Mom and Dad", you know? We stopped by a couple of our favorite places in town, mosied through a couple of shops, and had some of the best pizza in town! We also made a spontaneous stop at the home of a local blogger that I've gotten to know a bit. We got to meet his family, check out what he's got going on in his garden and talk about our plans for next year. It was the first time I've actually met anyone from online before. I was really pleased with it...(I hope he was too?) Anyway, later that night we got together with a couple of friends, had a couple of beers and BS'd for a while. Like I said, just a relaxing day. No matter how many goals we have, we do have to give ourselves a little time off from time to time don't we?

Sunday was a bit more work filled, with the exclusion of my San Diego Chargers game of course. (Nothing good to mention there!! #*%~$!&^) I moved the compost pile, yeah the one that I just set up a couple of months ago (Make a plan before you do big projects like that people...That's the lesson of the day!), and managed to add some 9 bags of leaves to the bin. I airated and added leaves to the one bin that was already in the process, and filled the second side completely with leaves, grass, coffee grounds and compost. I now have approximately 72 sq feet of compost cooking away for next year!! I am hoping that with what I have going now, and what I am adding to the beds this fall, I won't have to add any outside compost next year. At least not in the back yard gardens.

I also did my weekly coop care and cleaning to keep the birds happy and healthy. Next project on the list is to add onto the coop, for the winter, an outer shell of clear poly. I want to effectively make the outside of the coop like a sort of green house. Their water has been starting to ice over at night from time to time, so it's about time to shift gears again for the winter. I've heard about people actually useing the birds to keep a small greenhouse addition warm through the winter, allowing greens to grown all winter. I'm not sure if that's in the cards, but I am definitely entertaining the thought.

And that, folks, is about it for me. As I said it wasn't the most productive weekend, but it really was an enjoyable one. Hope yours was as well.


Anonymous said...

YES!!! We do need time off now and again. It helps keep everything healthy and happy!!!! :-) I am glad you had such a nice weekend together!!tp

Anonymous said...

I soo get you on the whole "nice to be a couple" thing! ;) Glad you had a great weekend. And to meet a fellow blogger!! You brave man! :) Glad it all went well.

Anonymous said...


Do you add the chicken poo to your compost bins?

I was also wondering if you could show us a lay out of your gardens and how far your chicken coop is from your house.

You are such an inspiration to us!!



Chiot's Run said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I maneaged to watch a few James Bond movies in anticipation of the Sunday morning showing of Quantum of Solace. Super exciting (I'm a HUGE 007 fan). So I had a great relaxing weekend with James and a few friends.

It's me said...

We did a bit of this and a bit of that... hiked with friends, I cleaned house, worked on snowmobiles, picked up guest pillows for YoungSon's girlfriend's visit at Thanksgiving, played with the dogs, just a whole lot o'nothin. :)

Nate said...

It was nice to have you stop by - a pleasant surprise. I'm always happy to show off the garden and share my plans for the future. I'll have to come up to Syracuse one of these days to see your plot first hand.


P~ said...

Glad to hear that everyone else seemed to have had a great weekend too.
~Renee, I will get that up for you as soon as I can. I need to wrap a few things, as I've just reorganized a bit. Keep checking in.
The wife and I have been kicking around the idea of a get together with some of the locals, I'll keep you posted.