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November 25, 2008

More goodies!!

As promised, this evenings post is a continuation of yesterdays post in showing the sweet goodies that A~ and I were gifted by her Mom. Today's installment, the food dehydrator that she's had, if I understand correctly, since A~ was a kid but never really used very often. We know how to fix that problem!! I hung a lot of the herbs and things this year that I pulled from the garden but it would be great to be able to dry some this way as well. And then there's jerky, and fruits, and veggies...and...oh you get it, we've wanted one for a while. Ad last but not least, the coolest little "must have" for any home hennery, the egg weigher. I saw one of these on Tiny Farm Blog, and just loved it. Do I need it? No. Did I want one just because, and is it a totally frivolous thing? Yes. But really, how cool is that right?
I just love the chipped and "well loved" appearance of it too. There'll be no repainting of this little baby. The kids like weighing the eggs too.

Thanks again Mom, we, I appreciate the effort you put into finding these things. So nice to know that our family does support our endeavors, and they do, on both sides. Now, what can I dehydrate in the winter???
Till tomorrow.


ilex said...

Egg weigher! WANT.

Anonymous said...


Where did you get this egg weigher? I know I few people who would love one.