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January 22, 2009

A couple of good reads

Last week I was reading a post at a blog that I like to check in on, Backyard Farming, If you're in Utah like me you should drop in an check it out, they're local. Anyway Megan, one of the writers there, posted a nice read about a couple of books on farming that she had found through the library and got me thinking to myself. "Self" I said," You haven't searched the library in a while, and I don't think you've ever searched under the subject 'Farming'. You should do that." So I did.

What I connected with are two really great resources! I mean, I think that titles say it all, _Successful Small Scale Farming...An organic approach_ C'mon, has that got my name written all over it or what?
It's full of great information. A lot of it is geared to actual small scale farms, like how to plow in different seasons and such. But throughout it are some real gems.

The other book, I just straight-up fell in love with! _Country Life, A handbook for realists and dreamers_. It's so full of incredible illustrations and great techniques I wouldn't even know where to start gushing about it!

The first book is certainly on my list of future reference materials, but the latter is on my "must find it somewhere and get this book" list. I am after all the consummate dreamer. I always have been, I always will be.
A lot of libraries allow online searches nowadays. I encourage you to give them a look. You never know what's out there. We don't need to own ever book in the world, sometimes they're great just to know where they are when you need them. Other times, you find one you just gotta have. The nice part is getting to really check them out before you decide.
All the best guys... see you tomorrow.


Chiot's Run said...

Thanks, I request books from the library all the time. It's such a great way to see if you really like a book or not. Currently I'm reading up on beekeeping as that's going to be the spring project here at Chiot's Run.

JenJen said...

Libraries are great. I rediscovered my local library a couple of years ago. (I went through a phase where I was "must. Have. Every. Book. I read as my own." I'm over it now, for finanical and clutter reasons.)

I've been taking classes with a group for a few years, and as of last year, I started just checking the assigned books out of my library, rather than buying them. I buy the spectacular ones and leave the rest for others to enjoy.

~The Hippie

Rosengeranium said...

Libraries are the salt of the earth in my world. My latest find was a book on "arkar" ie. those tiny houses on runners used in northern Sweden to make it possible to dap in truly freezing temperatures (-20¤C). You may even have seen one.

My current gardening reads are on shaker gardening and how to plan a Bible garden - my inner theologian are peeking through I think :)