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January 19, 2009

Makin' Beer (bottling the brew)

A couple of weeks have passed now since I first posted on my inaugural beer making adventure. The instructions said to let it sit for at least 7 days, and better is longer. Since our house in the winter is kept at a (not-so) balmy 63-65 degrees, I had a hard time finding a location that was good for the constant temp of 68-76 degrees (F) that the beer fermentation required. I was able to sit the little keg on top of the fridge and toss a couple of tea towels over it to keep the temps close to the low end of the range though so I figured a little longer ferment would do me well.

So far, all is well. I bottled the beer up Saturday, and it came out clear and clean with a good, slightly yeasty, beer taste. It wasn't at all sweet, which I read is a good sign. Here's the "fruits" of my labors. You can actually see that one of them is a little cloudy. That was the first one poured.True to it's claims, there was enough beer in the keg to fill all eight one liter bottles, and still had enough for one glass full. The last glass is really cloudy because it is from the bottom of the keg, but it gives a good idea of what the beer is looking like. Judging from the initial tasting it should be really good! Awwww the amber nectar!I thought it would be fun to put the beer right up there next to the packaging too. It's not often any more that we the consumer can really say that we bought a product that lives up to the images and claims on the package. So far, I have to say I'm impressed. I've invested really no more than an hour over all, and in a couple of weeks I'll have what promises to be very tasty home brew.What more could a guy ask for? Now, Andy from TX left a comment on my last post telling me about all grain beers, ones where I can "forget about the can opener!" I can see my self getting to that point pretty easily I have to say. A~ and I are already looking into growing some hops this summer. Has anyone done this before? Any suggestions?

Also, did you know that Hops are really healthy for your chickens? Hank Will, the editor of Grit magazine (where I also post a regular blog.) posted a really interesting article about it HERE, give it a read if you love beer and are raising chickens.

Stay tuned in a couple of weeks for the official uncorking... Hmmm, that works out just perfect for the Superbowl??? What a coincidence....or, was it?

Take care all..


Anonymous said...

Making your own beer is fun, and saves a lot of money!

After making a few batches of normal beer, I've been making ginger beer in my fermenter. First from the kit cans you buy, but lately from fresh ginger, sugar, yeast, lemon rind & juice, and cream of tartar. Very simple recipe, and it tastes great!

I'm also just about to bottle up a rhubarb champagne - similar recipe to above, but using champagne yeast. I'm really curious to see how this one turns out.

The thing I really love about making your own is that you know there's no preservatives, and that all the ingredients are good wholesome things with names you can both spell and pronounce!

Enjoy your brew.

Anonymous said...

Pretty new to your blog, but enjoying very much! A friend gave my husband a Mr. Beer kit (he was a mgr. at a store and they discovered it was illegal to sale in AL, can you believe it?) Anyway he loved making it and we loved drinking it. We ordered enough for two more batches and then decided to move on, so now he goes the whole grain route, I'm not really involved except enjoying the fruits of his labor. It is a great hobby for him. Oh, we do continue to use the "keg" and bottles from Mr. Beer. Great product! I hope your turns out well. Make sure you wait, we just couldn't but discovered it is best at the longest time.
way down south

Anonymous said...

MMMMM That looks really good. Now I am going to have to get a kit and try that out. I have always wanted one, but have managed to talk myself out of it several times. Maybe I can hint at one for a Valentine's day gift from my hubby. Please keep us updated on the home brewing experimentation.

Minni Mum said...

Excellent timing Paul (for me as well as you ;-), I am just about to pull out the second hand kit I bought last year and have a go this weekend! I hope mine turns out as good looking as yours - it's stinking hot over here today (about 100'F) and your photo is making me salivate :-)

Cheers, Julie