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February 16, 2009

The visit so far...

Hi everyone, checking in from CA today. It's raining and a little cool today, but compared to the snowstorm that A~ tells me they got yesterday, I'm doing pretty darn good. This is the first day of bad weather anyway, paradise can't be all sunshine and roses can it?"

I can't post too many pictures until I get back, because of technical problems getting them off of my camera, and because I don't have any access to any decent editing software here and the pictures are huge! I do have a couple that I wanted to show you though just to make you a little jealous. (unless of course it's warm, sunny and on a beach where you are.) Because this was my Saturday morning commute. We walked down to the beach. Yeah, they're that close. But all was not completely smooth sailing. There was a HUGE traffic jam on that way when these guys just wouldn't quit getting in front of us...
They just kept poking along, sticking their heads in the sand like they owned the place. Geez.

I'm kidding of course, it was a beautiful and relaxing day and I had a great time spending some very long over due time with my parents. Did I mention that we figured it out and it's been something like 19 yrs since I was out visiting my family when it wasn't the whole family on a vacation, but rather just me. Great as it was though, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was just missing my sweetheart. Saturday was Valentines day after all.

And there is was, of all things. Right there on the beach. A Valentine just waiting to get sent home.So there you go honey. It's a little late I know, but happy valentines day.

And for everyone else... Stay warm...(hee hee) I'll post more later!


Rosengeranium said...

Beautiful picks! I'm glad to see a clean beach from CA, when I and my hubby interailed from Seattle to San Fransisco and Los Angeles we mostly saw white herons and old tires in the water. This was more than ten years ago, though. I hope things have cleared up.

Anonymous said...

We lived in Southern CA for a while,Apple Valley, the High Desert. Ya just can't beat that color of blue sky!!! Beautiful California sky.tp

Anonymous said...

Hey, it was great just hanging and talking. The pics look great! I luv u big man!