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July 22, 2007

It was a long weekend.

Oh what a weekend! I've been going non stop since Friday afternoon. This Friday was the annual trip to Lagoon (That is a local amusement park near Salt Lake City UT.) that the company I work for sponsors. Free admission dinner and a lot of fun; can't beat that huh? We stayed late and rode a ton of rides.
Saturday morning, I made good on a long time promise of mine to my boys and took them out to a bunch of construction sites to scavenge for wood so that we could build them a quarter pipe skateboard ramp that they can put in the driveway and skate on. They have gotten so good, it pleases me so much to watch them. I get to participate with them in something that is outdoors, is physically demanding and continually challenging. I get a lot of strange looks from friends and neighbors when I mention that I regularly skateboard with my kids, and especially when I say I do it in concrete bowls, but I would trade that time with the boys for anything. So at anyrate, Saturday we went to get wood and got really lucky to find enough that we spent the whole afternoon building the ramp together. You should have seen us milling about in the driveway. The boys were great helpers, and I hope I was able to pass on a lesson or two about building things.
Sunday found me a little sore from the previous days lifting and building, but after a strong cup of coffee I was again out into the garage to build something else. My wife and I went to Ikea, a couple of weekends ago and bought her, finally, a bed frame that she could be proud of. It's nothing fancy, but it is nice and we both like it. After getting it home, we learned that it did not come with the side rails. (We made another trip down to get the side rails, and lo and behold, they're out of them!) So A~ and I decided that I should just build them. It wasn't anything particularly difficult, but I wanted to make sure that I had everything square and that I measured twice and cut once if you know what I mean. A few hours later, we had a bed complete bed frame. A~ will paint it to match tomorrow and we'll be in business. I finished off the day weed whacking and mowing. I decided tonight that when we build a new house some time after our kids are grown, I will use much less lawn. Don't get me wrong, I love grass, but what a pain. It sucks up water, time and energy.
So now that the weekend is over I can go back to work tomorrow and relax. (kidding?) I hope you all had a good weekend as well. Till later.


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