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July 17, 2007

Sweet Summer Rain

Tonight we were all outside doing our things. A~ was walking the dog around the yard, I was cutting some old rebar up to use in the garden and the kids were busy using my old scrap wood pile to build the deck of what they say will be their skateboard ramp. The sky began to cloud over slowly and we talked about how unusually humid it was, then drip... drip... drop, it started. Slowly at first and then more; building to a constant sprinkle. Then the skies opened and it rained for about 15 min. That's all, 15 min, maybe not even that. It was glorious. A~ and I stood under our gazebo and let it diffuse the nickle size drops into a cool mist that settled on us till we were somewhere between damp and soaked. As the rain slowed and then stopped the clouds parted just enough for the setting sun to shine through in solid beams like heaven itself was peeking in our day. I looked over to our mountains to see them seeming to stretch themselves even closer to the clouds as if they were trying to catch every last drop of the cool rain. Between them and I was a double rainbow, full in it's glory from one end of the valley to the other.
I have of course had days like this before, but I wanted to remember it, and to share it with you. A picture would have been nice, but you know sometimes words can be more powerful don't you think? If I had taken a picture that would've been it, no imagination. I hope you all had a great day as well. Till tomorrow.

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