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July 8, 2007

So Sorry

I'm so sorry for not being on top of my blog recently. I got back and had a lot of catching up to do around the house. For the many of you that have shown concern for my garden rest easy, It made it! My lettuce bolted like mad, and my peppers are a bit parched, but all in all, I couldn't have asked for more. As a matter of fact, some things did better than others; my weeds went nuts (Of course it didn't help that I have a yard full of weeds next door at the construction site.), and my raspberries did great. I thought for sure that they would all be dead and dried by the time I got back but they weren't and I've gotten two good bowls full since I got home. A little vanilla yogurt and granola and you've got a real treat.

Another change is that my office, which blocks a lot of the internet has now blocked all blogger.com sites. so I have no way of posting during the day other than through emailing. This does work but my formatting is a little lacking. I need to change my schedule of posting, but I'll get it together. Again, I'm sorry for being so behind. bear with me.

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