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July 2, 2007

We're back!!

We made it, we're back. no major issues, no problems to speak of. It was a great vacation, certainly one for the record books! best part is that we took time to make sure the house was clean before we left, so we came home to a nice clean and very hot house. No A/C in the house for nearly 3 weeks and it was hot in here. I took a shower when I got in and the towels from the closet felt literally like I had just taken them out of the dryer. I have to say that I think we were all ready to get back to the house. Vacations are a great thing, and I have to say that I consider myself truly blessed to be able to leave work for 13 work days and 20 days total, but at some point you just get tired of hotels, road food and driving driving driving. I haven't yet checked the total mileage, but I suspect that we logged nearly 2000 miles on this journey. I plan to optimize a bunch of the photos that I took and will share them with you as I get them done.



Phelan said...

Welcome back!

Did your garden survive?

Eva said...

Welcome home! I too am wondering if your garden survived? We are going for a 2 week vacation next month... and I am hesitant to leave the garden. (smile)

Rhonda Jean said...

Me three!

Welcome back. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.