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January 8, 2008

Freecycle - First try

As I mentioned in an earlier post. A~ and I are trying to downsize and free ourselves of some of our "Stuff" that we've been holding on to, and are cleaning out the garage, to clear out the obstacle course that it has become. Last night I posted an add on Freecycle for the first time, and have already received a couple of responses. We want to be able to clear this stuff out by the end of the week, or we will bring it to our local "DI" (Deseret Industries Thrift Store.). Either way I think it will be good for us to be free of the stuff, and will hopefully be of benefit to whomever is able to take it from us.

Do any of you have any experience with Freecycle? I'd love to hear your experiences. Wondering what it is? Check into it here. They have local groups all over the US and in many other countries so you may be able to not only help your old items to have a new life but who knows, you may find that "fill in the blank" that you've been looking for. I think it's a great idea, especially in a country where, by in large, we have a much higher standard of living than much of the world. If we can take a second look at some of the things that we have, and make a conscious effort to give a second life to them or to do the same to something from someone else I think we'll not only save a lot of our recources, but quite a bit of our dollars as well.
Hope you are all well. If you have a minute I've posted a new entry on "A mentis ad scriptum." give it a read.


farm mom said...

I've used it a few times and never had any trouble. I haven't rec'd anything yet, but I always seem to find willing homes for my un-needed or just under-appreciated stuff. Hope it works well for you, and good luck with your decluttering!

Trina said...

Our local FreeCycle groups have recently changed their name and dropped affiliation with FreeCycle. Not sure why. Haven't really cared enough to look into it. So I use what is now called the Lane County Pay it Forward. I haven't received anything on there, but I have given lots of stuff away. The "no-shows" can be a pain, but overall I love it.

Mary said...

I've had only great experiences, both giving and receiving, with FreeCycle. Anything that I had to get rid of was gone in a matter of hours, even the stuff that I figured I'd have to haul to the recycling center. It's a Good Thing.

P~ said...

I had my first exchange tonight. A cool lady stopped by with her daughter to pick up a bunch of boxes of decorations and knick knacks. She took all the stuff and said she'd just go through it for what she wanted, and re-freecycle the stuff she didn't. What a great attitude.

Eva said...

I've had great luck with Freecyle. I joined about a year ago, and have given away lots of stuff. I have also received several needed items. Good things sure do go fast!