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January 27, 2008

Here comes another one.

It's strangely warm out and blowing like the dickens; looks like a storm. According to the weather it's supposed to snow tomorrow through Tuesday, then again Friday and Saturday. I don't know about global warming, but global climate change is seeming pretty possible. But is it changing for the worse, or reverting? I'm in northern Utah now, but I grew up in California. My extended family however and my father are all from here though and I spent my childhood coming here at some point every winter. I always remembered there being snow on the ground. Didn't matter when I came, there was snow; a lot like this winter. So is it a cycle or is it change? I don't know, honestly, it's not my driving force, weather change that is. I want to reduce my impact because it is the right thing to do and because if I lead by example perhaps I can influence others to do the same. I can set an example for my children to follow, and help to build better habits for them for their future. But in the mean time, all I know is that there'll be shoveling to do tomorrow. No warming here, unless of course you count the "warm before the storm".

Hope you all had a good weekend. I took some pics of what I worked on this weekend, I'll try and get those posted tomorrow.


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molly said...

Hey P
For what it's worth, my personal take on the climate is that it remains as it has over eons, cyclical.

Having said that, I do believe mankind exacerbates conditions with our destructive habits, mother nature will throw it back in our face..... one way or another