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January 22, 2008

Pakistan; searching for happiness?

After I posted my first installment to “The Algebra of Happiness” I basically heard, and not to my surprise mind you, crickets chirping in the silence that was the reaction to it. I didn’t really expect any comments on it, and have not to date received any. No biggie. I was surprised to find that I was linked to from a blog called the “History of Math” which seems to be some posted by some sort of auto-feed or something, since it linked to it almost immediately. But other than a couple of people reading hitting the page merely as my latest entry, nothing. Then this morning I checked my stats and looked to see where my visitors were coming from. I was surprised to find an inordinate number of hits from different areas of Pakistan. The IP’s are different and the cities of origin are different, but they all seem to be searching Google for “happiness based solely on contentment.” And there I was. Strangely, the few other direct hits I had had to this post were also based out of India; Pakistan’s neighbor to the south. Coincidence?
Is there a search going on for Happiness, or at least the components of it, in Pakistan and India? Could I bring clarity on the ever elusive idea to a people struggling with poverty and unhappiness? To the former, I am sure there is; aren’t we all searching for it? To the latter; I’m not that full of myself, although if my thoughts do relate to someone out there I‘d love to here from them. Never mind the language barrier, you do your best to communicate, I will do my best to understand. Of course there also the possibility that I'm just the victim of a internet spider and I'll soon be spammed into oblivion. Who knows?

On a secondary note, after posting my initial Theorem on Contentment, I Googled the topic "The Algebra of Happiness" and was dejected to find that I was not the first to coin the phrase. I glanced briefly at the posts that I found to see if they were in fact related and they seem to be. I have not read them yet, as I don’t want to have my thought process altered, but I will go back and review them for similarities after I've finished publishing mine. It should be interesting; the link I found was referencing a research project by a group of British mathematicians. P~

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