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January 5, 2008

The workbench.

In my effort to bring to light my serious deficiency in the area of clutter control, I give you the workbench.

This is my center of mass creation. My furniture repurposing, seed planting and toy fixing headquarters. How I manage to get anything done in it is beyond me. But it's getting better since this picture was taken last weekend. It's not clean, but it's getting there. Another of my resolutions was to make a serious effort to wrap up all of my projects so I gave it the once over so that I could at least get to my tools and try to finish the last bit of flooring work that I needed to do. I hope to have this area cleaned up soon so that I can start getting ready for finishing the rest of my todo's.
Any one making good progress toward their resolutions? let me know.

1 comment:

molly said...

LOL, that's a shed and a half!
My new year resolutions are ok, I'm still staying away from the ciggies, we have started laying out the design for the new garden beds, I've lost 3 kg in my goal to tone up, cut down our meat consumption by about 1/3.
The building of the garden beds, the shadecloth and more preserving still to come.
We will get there..sooner or later :)