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January 19, 2008

Pretty slow

Yeah, it's looking like it's gonna be a pretty slow weekend around here. I have basically finished the molding and finish work that I needed to do to our stairs and most of the de-cluttering work has been done for now.
Tomorrow, I'll spend a while drafting out some plans for the new "Library" that we plan to make out of our last basement room that needs finishing. It's a small area right at the bottom of our stairs that has no windows, so it can never be a bedroom, and has doors to the furnace and the cold storage room coming off of it. As I said we plan to build some shelves and cabinets for storage of our books that have been living in boxes and corners for the last three 1/2 years as well as board games and stationary. I need to design the components out fairly detailed to that I can have the hardware store make the big cuts on the 4x8 sheets for me so that they are straight.
Sunday, my wife and I have planned a trip out to Wendover NV for our annual anniversary weekend away. It's really the closest and funnest place to go that's not too long of a drive from home, and it has become our tradition for the last 6 yrs. Of course it's supposed to snow on both Sunday and Monday this weekend so it ought to be an interesting drive on the way out and back.
We're heading out early this year too so that I can be there in time to cheer for my S.D. Chargers to beat the undefeated N.E. Patriots! (Hey! I wouldn't be a real fan if I didn't hold out hope you know.)
I think we'll head down to our theater this weekend and spend a bunch of time with the boys watching some movies too, since we always end up missing them so much when we're gone.
All in all it should be a real nice weekend. I hope you all have a great one.

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Joe said...

Go Pats!!!

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