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March 7, 2008

DIY for dogs

I like to try to take a little extra time to make things myself when I can. Every Christmas for instance, I make some kind of wooden toy for my kids. It's just something I do because I love them and it's become a tradition. I make things for my wife and our home too. The latest such thing was the bookcases that I finished last week. I do this, of course because I love my wife, but also because it allows us to have things that we may not otherwise be able to afford, and because it increases our self reliance. Why should our pets be any different?
Look at that face; he's been going crazy because it's warming up and he's getting spring fever too. We haven't been able to let him out much because his old collar broke and if he's not on a lead and we don't watch him all the time, well, let's just say he likes to wonder. So I decided to make him a new collar. I made the last one as a prototype, and he seemed to like it. He didn't scratch at it nearly as often, I think because it didn't have the big adjustable buckle that the store bought one's have. I used a nylon string that will stay cleaner, and should wear a little better than the cotton one that I made the last one out of.
If you've never tried macrame, try picking up a book at the library and giving it a shot. I taught myself this basic little knot set when I was in high school and have used it a few times for things. This was a perfect match.
After I got halfway through the collar, I made a loop and wrapped it with some finer nylon string, (actually it's cheap fly line backing material from the fishing section at the store.) this will act as the connection point for the lead, and again, will decrease annoyance because it's softer than metal. After the whole thing was done, I attached a button with the end pieces of the center portion of the string, and made a loop out of the other end. his I wrapped too, just for durability.
Now look, isn't that better? I made this last night, and he was outside today, very much happier. It doesn't matter what it is, when you make it yourself it always means so much more. You get a sense of accomplishment and pride, even from silly little things like a dog collar. Don't be afraid to try, what's the worst that could happen? Just start small until you gain confidence.

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