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March 17, 2008

St. Patriks Day

No, I didn't spell it wrong. That's how it goes in our house.
Notice a little something in that clover? Maybe you've been around here long enough to remember last year. Saint Patties day around our house is a kind of hybrid holiday. I personally, never wear green. Why? Well, let's just say I had a rough time today when I was growing up. Our kids of course do, and we all say Happy St Patrik's day, but honestly, it's more like Valentines day. Today's the day I met my wife. We didn't fall in love right away. Or perhaps we did, but couldn't really do anything about it. Either way, this day changed both of our lives. It was fitting really, A~'s heritage is Irish, and guess you could say my name is pretty closely associated with this day.
So now it's like our unofficial anniversary, but still official enough to not take too much effort to come up with a reason to hang out with her all day. 9 years already and still no one I'd rather spend an afternoon with.
Happy St. Patriks Day.

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Robbyn said...

Awww! That's so neat to hear! it's very similar to how my husband and I met, and we feel the same about each other!