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March 20, 2008

What to do when your home sick

So I've been home sick for most of the week. I'm a pansy first off. I'm alright admitting it, I am, I rarely get sick so when I do I just don't deal well with it. I broke both bones in my arm skateboarding a year and a half ago, that I could deal with just fine but being sick, not so much. So what do I do, besides mope around and complain? Well, as I mentioned previously, we have a theater in the basement. The one or two times a year that I'm actually sick, I lay around down there and just watch all the movies that I can't watch normally because my wife doesn't want too, or their "inappropriate" for our kids.

This particular bout with "The Crud" comes at a most inopportune time, planting season. So since time, tide and spring sprouting waits for no man, even a sick one, we got our seeds planted and/or sprouting. A~ basically steered the ship, since I was kinda in the Duh zone with not eating and antihistamines and all, but we got our first phase finished. I had hoped to get them planted a week ago, but things kept getting in the way. So now, sick and all, we got down to it.

It looks like I'll head into the office tomorrow, at least for a while, since I am feeling a bit more like myself, and I do have a couple of good things I wanted to post for you. So I'll try to get those out this weekend.
Thanks to everyone on their well wishes, and their patience. More tomorrow.

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Phelan said...

ugh. It is fun, isn't it? I have had a blinding migraine the last 2 days, but still got the cows milked, eggs gather, onions planted. yep, it never stops.

Glad to hear you are feeling, more like yourself again.