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March 24, 2008

new seeds, birkenstocks and chickens

Oh yeah, and a wife giving me a ration of crap about turning into a hippie. I reminded her that I was born in the great north woods of Sweden, and grew up barefoot on the beaches of Southern California, so yeah, I've been a little bit hippie since birth OK?! Just because these are really the only kind of sandals that I like other than my crocs, and no they're not really Birkenstock's those damn things are way to pricey, doesn't necessarily mean that I'm a hippie. I just think my post from yesterday went to her head and she's giving me a hard time.
With Spring in full blast and cool weather plants getting put into the ground, I discovered that I didn't have a couple of the seed packets that I thought that I did; in the case of the radishes I did have the packet, just no seeds in it. Oops. I still need to get another load of compost for the beds, and should be able to get that in and add the greens to it this weekend, weather permitting of course.

The chicks are five weeks old today and are now fully feathered for the most part. It's been a while since I shared some pics of the boys and girls so I thought this would be a fitting milestone.

This was the scene tonight when I snuck up to take a picture of them all nestled together peacefully. Very cute, just laying all over each other. They're just like our boys when they were little, let em sleep together and it just turns into a mound.
This is what happens when a strange arm suddenly slips into the coup unannounced and clicks a picture of them. They all run to be the furthest back in the corner until they figure out what's happening. That big Leghorn pullet in the front is the one I call "Big Mama", I have high hopes for that one, look at them egg laying hips. :) I have to say also that I'll miss those barred rocks in the next couple of weeks after they fatten a little and get moved to the freezer. For any of you out there looking for a very friendly bird. I adamantly suggest you try out this breed. They are on the whole the most friendly birds I've seen. I secretly hope that one of them ends up accidentally being a hen so I can keep her, but as I said from the beginning, we're pretty pragmatic about them, if our ordinances don't allow us to keep cockerels then, well, you know.

Hope all of your little chicks out there are doing as well as mine have. I know a few people that ordered from McMurray hatchery had had some problems with illness. Mine were from Ideal poultry and have generally been pretty healthy apart from the two Minorca chicks that we got. Both of them got the same illness and died before two weeks. Oh well, you live you learn.



farm mom said...

Glad your chicks are doing well. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, that at least one of those Barred Rocks turns out to be a hen for you! They were one of our favorites too. Good layers too.

jayedee said...

i'm unashamedly an old hippie lol
my husband rags on me a bit, but hey! he knew what he was getting when he married me.
glad your chicks are doing so well...thankfully the murray mcmurray disease hasn't hit us either......'course that could be because my chicks this year came from ideal!

Eva said...

Wow, the chicks sure have grown! I'm excited to see what you garden looks like in a couple of months. Keep up the great work!

Tracy said...

Nice looking chickens you have, we ordered Marans last spring from Ideal Poultry, now we're getting anywhere from 25 to 30 eggs each day! They've been really healthy chickens and great layers, we just love them!