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March 4, 2008

Local Seeds.

Well, local company anyway. After all the catalog shopping that I've been doing, I was at our neighborhood farm supply store and found that they stock garden seeds distributed from a local company; Mountain Valley Seed Inc (MVS). I called the company to see if I could get any information about their business and their products, a nice part about having the company local, and actually got a hold of a real person!

While we talked, I found out that MVS carries primarily open pollinated seeds that can be kept for seeds storage and also goes to great effort to make sure that they identify the few seeds that are hybrids. They even carry an interesting product, Storage seeds, that are all open pollinated and packed in individual hermetically sealed packaging and then sealed in a hermetically sealed #10 can. These are estimated to last around eight yrs in storage from what I gather.

I was really excited to find a company that I could go to to not only support open pollinated, non-hybrid seeds, but also to support a local company and the jobs that go with it at the same time. A~ and I went to the farm store last night after work and stocked up on a bunch of the seeds that we are going to be needing this year. I hope to be able to get out and get some peas and early season greens (Collard, lettuce, broccoli) into the ground before the end of the weekend. My neighbors are looking at me a little odd when I tell them I've already been out prepping the beds, but like last year, they may be scratching their heads wondering why I have peas already??


RedStateGreen said...

Thanks for the link! I went and got me a can. You can never have too many seeds!

P~ said...

I agree. I haven't ordered teh canned seed yet, but it is in the budget for this year for sure. Glad I could help. Did you call to make the order, or online order. How was your experience so far? I'd be really interested to see if your experience was positive like mine was.

Anonymous said...

Cool! We live in Utah too. I saw you on PTF. It is great to know there is a seed company that understands our wacky climate.

Sadly, it will be a few weeks before we can get a pick in the ground, much less peas. We are in a really cold part of the state. Luckily I have a tiny passive solar greenhouse so I can grow a few things all winter.

Thanks for the link!

RedStateGreen said...

I ordered online. We'll see what happens! :)