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March 30, 2008

Urban Chickens Update.

The kids are getting big!

I took these pictures today. They are fully feathered now with the exception of a few "fuzzies" left around some of their necks.

I thought I'd share a few pictures of them for any of you that are curious.

As you can see I'm still using the circular feeder that I got for them when they were chicks. It works alright I guess, but they really need to get a bigger one since they eat like it's going out of style. You should see them when I bring the feeder up and out of the coop. They jump and flap and squawk like their starving. One of the Barred Rocks actually got up on the ledge of the coop one time and on another missed it and soared right down to the ground. Luckily he came to me when I called him and I got him right back in their with his sisters.

And guess what other trick they've learned? I can't remember if it was last weekend or the one prior that I added a couple of roosting bars to the "Chicken Condo" but they've finally figured it out. They get up there and fluff up their feathers and stare at each other. (Or sometimes check out the bottom of each others feathers obviously.)

This Tuesday should be the City planning commission meeting where the chicken proposal gets it's initial vote. If it passes, and it should based on the comments from the chairman, then it goes to the city council the next week. If all goes well, the kids should be leaving their outlaw status behind in a couple of weeks. (Keep your fingers crossed.) That being said, I need to really get going on the coop. They need the space, and I need to be able to hang an adult size feeder for them.



Robbyn said...

The chickens look great! Thanks for posting pictures...I can never get enough of seeing chicken pics, especially watching the process from newly-hatched on up :)

Phelan said...

They look great. Good luck!