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February 21, 2009

Back from Cali

And oh what a trip! Not only did I miss a nasty spell of cold weather and snow, but I got to see my family, play with my niece and nephew and meet the newest little niece of mine who was just too darn cute. And even with all that, there was more. You ready?

Well some of you, probably a lot, are familiar with the Dervaes family of Path to Freedom.com, FreedomGardens.com & Little Homestead in the city. If you're not, then shame shame...get over there and check them out they're really raising the bar for what is possible in the urban homesteading and urban farming movement. Anyway, if you've been checking in lately to their blog, you may have seen the post the other day about their Saturday Social where they had a particular Freedom Gardener guest from Utah...can you guess who it could have been???

Yep, you got me, it was me! I was so pleased that they invited me out to enjoy some great food, fellowship and music with them at their home. I had an opportunity to catch a showing of their latest video production "Homegrown Revolution" that was recently screened at the Wild and Scenic Environmental film festival and it was really good. I got to meet other freedom gardeners and get to know them and their point of views but best of all, I had a chance to sit down with Farmer D, the founder of the whole path to freedom project and really get to know him a bit. What a very cool and focused person!

I also was able to bring back some cuttings from a few very cool plants that I want to try out in the greenhouse over winter if I can get them to propagate for me. One is from moms Lemon tree.. I think it's a Meyer, but regardless it's delicious and has very strong genes from what I can tell.Another is from a plumeria. (White flower with yellow center.) and it a plant that I've always wanted from the time I visited Hawaii when I was a kid to when I lived there before coming here. I really have high hopes for it. This picture doesn't due it justice, but it does show the tree that I cut from.So wish me luck with it.

Finally I thought I'd leave you with a perfect parting shot from that last night before I left. I took this right at sunset from my Dad's home office window. How would it be huh? I don't know that I'd ever have retired if I had that view...then again if I had that view I may not have been getting much work done anyway.Glad to be back. I'm rested, I'm ready to get working on some things, and I'm looking forward to getting to talk with you all again.
Have a great weekend all... see you Monday.


ChicagoMike said...

Hey P~,

Sounds like you had one of those "real" vacations, where you get some rejuvenation.

Very cool.


Robbyn said...

What a great trip! Welcome back :)

Chiot's Run said...

Oh, how I want a lemon tree that produces fruit.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an adventure p! Glad you got to have some good family time and fellowship with the Dervaes Family. That's awesome!! :) Lucky guy!! Cannot wait to find out what you'll be up to next, friend. :)

Wendy said...

Sounds like a great trip! Wish I could grow lemons, but I'll probably have to settle for mushrooms ;).