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February 2, 2009

Community Garden

A little while back, a month now, I outlined some of the goals that I had for this year. I've said it before and I'll continue to say it, If you set out there what you are looking for and wanting to do and actually believe it, things just start to line up. You may remember that one of the things that I mentioned wanting to get done was to begin taking action towards establishing a community garden. I know the process will be a long one, but I truly believe that it will be a great benefit to our community.

Well, the stars aligned early this week when on a whim (read: divine intervention) I decided to check the website for Wasatch Community Gardens. I found they had posted a list of 20 workshops that they'll be offering this week and the first one was on Saturday afternoon. (If your local to SLC, you can find the full list of offerings here.) Can you guess what it was on? Yup, starting a community garden!

What a great get together. They had a panel made up of five ladies that have all been involved in either starting, working on, or participating in community gardens around the valley and they had a ton of really good information. I was able to talk to them as well as meeting some folks from up around my neck of the woods that have some really cool plans!

I'm going to start working this project a little more rigorously in my "down time" (like I have any?) and will be documenting the progress on my other, sadly out of date, blog Syracuse UT Gardens, so if your in the area drop in and show your support as I put up ideas.

Grow on!!!



Darren (Green Change) said...

That's awesome! It's funny how things sometimes work out when you put an idea out there.

I'm hoping to get something like that going in my area, so I'll follow your other blog with interest.

Anonymous said...

Can you come here and start one? Just kidding. But really, its great how you have been able to rally people in your community and build interest in the community garden. I will make sure to follow the progress on your other blog. Maybe I can get some tips for starting one here.... question: are there issues with permitting in the municipal government? How much land are you hoping to get?

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Paul ~ that's great! We have several different kinds of community gardens here. 2 are 'rent a plot' types and the other one is a community of like minded individuals who teach beginning gardeners how to square foot garden. I'm a new volunteer to the teaching center. I LOVE to help people set up their gardens. They have several at local non-profit centers (the one at the Senior Center is amazing.) And, I've got seedlings started to donate to them too. You've got so much info to share - your community is very fortunate to have you get it started!

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

I meant to add: be sure to get added to the list at www.communitygarden.org. That's how I found out about mine.

Anonymous said...

Wow p! That is awesome! I'm glad things have been going so well for you lately!! Looking forward to hear more about your Comm Garden adventures! :)

Garden Statues said...

That's awesome! It's funny how things sometimes work out when you put an idea out there.