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February 11, 2009

Seed starter

This weekend past, I spent a few hours each day in the garage working on my newest addition to the growing operation. A seed starting frame. I've been designing this thing off and on in my head and on paper for some time now and I finally got around to getting it built. I figured that I'll be able to put some cold weather plants like cabbage and broccoli here in a month or so as long as I have a cold frame over them so I needed somewhere to start all of them. (I plan a really productive spring garden this year!)

The main features that I wanted to have in the frame were that it hold a good number of seedlings, that it would be attractive to look at since I plan on having it in the house and that it be collapsible. Yep that's right, I said collapsible! I know I'll be starting lots and lots of plants early in the year, and then another batch later in the season for the fall, but during most of the year, this thing would just be sitting around taking up space. I wanted a design that would let me to disassemble it and pack it relatively flat for storage. If I can maximize space in the garden beds, then I don't see why I shouldn't strive for it in the home too!

So, are you dying to see it? Well, it's not quite finished yet. The construction is complete, but the lights are not yet installed and it still needs it's cover made so it's not quite picture worthy yet. I can give you a little teaser though, check these out...a couple of these for shelving...

Toss in a few of these to hold it upright...

And of course I'll need something to hold the seedlings in too right?

Is that enough? Have you got the picture in your head? Does it look anything like this?
It should :-)
I'll post the finished product later this week when I've got it completed. On this note though, I thought I'd ask when you guys were planning on starting your seedlings? Or have you already?

All the best!


The Forge Village Farmer said...

I have started a few-- mostly artichokes. I'm going to start eggplants and chiles this weekend.

spelled with a K said...

Well they just started the greenhouse...er sunroom, so I'll be starting a bunch of perennials shortly. and I might just build a modified version of that there seed rack to fit in it.

rachelbess said...

It's fun to watch when people in different parts of the country start their seedlings. Here in Phoenix, I like to start my peppers and eggplants on New Years Day and the tomatoes a week or two after that. Our average last frost is February 15th, though this year, who knows...

Anonymous said...

I'm in the deep south and I'm freaking out because I should have already started but health issues have slowed me down. I hope to get things rolling this weekend. We are really expanded this year as we tore out our landscape bushes and are also going to till up part of the front yard (send us wishes on growing well this year!)
way down south