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February 28, 2009

Master Gardener Update

Knocked off another week of the Master Gardener course last week. As I mentioned earlier the Wednesday class was on Turfgrass so...nothing too exciting there. But Fridays class was on Vegatable so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately the class was a little dry for what I was hoping for. It was good mind you, but Veggies are my thing so I was hoping for a little more.

I did get a pretty cool bit of news though. It seems that although we've just passed the halfway point in the class, I may have already booked my first official Master Gardener "gig". A very nice woman who, I'm sorry to say I cannot remember the name of, dropped by the class Friday looking for me. coincidentally she ended up asking my wife who was saving me a seat. As I understand it, she had talked to the Instructor about getting a Master Gardener lined up to teach a class in April; just a week after the end of our class. The group requesting the class wants to focus on vegetable gardening and doing it organically. He suggested she talk to me and I, being the gabby gus that I am, of course said I'd be happy to.

In fact, that was one of my greater goals with taking this class to begin with. To be able to better enable myself to help others learn about growing food and plants and maybe to inspire some to do it organically. I foresee a large number of requests this year for instruction in the art of home food production. The fields, so to speak, are fertile for sowing this way of thinking.

Do you share what you know? I know from the emails and comments that I get that there's a wealth of knowledge out there amongst my readers so I wonder if any of you have had opportunities to help in your communities to pass it on? If you haven't, keep your ears open, they're bound to start showing up.

All the best to you all.

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Anthony said...

That's really great that you're going to be a Master Gardener. I hope that someday when I have more time for the volunteer work, that I will too. Good for you!