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January 30, 2009


Hi all! I've been busy as heck this week so forgive my absence. I have two co-workers out of work so I've had to cover their stuff, and still manage to work the extra time to make up for the Master Gardener class so I've been just plain ole tired at night and needed to catch up.

I also have some really good news that I'm just bustin to share but I'm not sure yet if the time is right. Suffice it to say that I will be earning a couple of extra bucks doing something I love and will be meeting one of my "bucket list" goals in the process. Sorry to tease you with that, but I'll get more info to you as I can.

I thought I'd share a little triumph with you all tonight. If you've read this blog for a while you may remember my uncle that passed last year. I've been meaning to post on this for some time, and just never got around to it. A~ and I went down to visit his wife this fall, and she asked me if I would like to have a couple of his plants. She wasn't able to take care of them, and knew I would love them.

Among the plants were two dwarf citrus trees, a kumquat and a Meyer lemon.

They weren't dead, but they weren't healthy either so I just watered and hoped for the best.

This last week they've really blossomed...No, really I mean one of them literally blossomed. The lemon tree.
Oddly, it's the scraggliest looking one of them. (The one on the right.) I guess it doesn't know how bad it looks.

All I can hope for these is that they stay healthy through the summer. Hopefully, by next fall I'll have a brand new greenhouse to put them in for next year.

All the best to you all until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

My son got an dwarf orange tree years ago and it did amazingly well on watering and sun. We really didn't do that much with it other than bring it out of the cold winters. It rewarded us with the most delightful blossoms and delicious (though tiny) oranges. I miss having it. You'll have a lot of fun with those trees.

Anonymous said...

Plants never fail to amaze with their strength, and the care they get from us.... your trees remind me of the cherry tomatoes I grew last summer. Around the early of September, they were still producing strongly, but the stems/"trunk" had turned rough and yellow. Soon the leaves started to wither. But still it kept producing, oblivious to the fact that, by rights, it should have been gone. But I kept watering, thinking that if it wanted to keep going, why should I give up on it? And produce it did, into mid October.

Your revitalized trees are a great sign, not just of your care, but also of the memories of your uncle. I hope that all works out with your new greenhouse to move these into soon!

ilex said...

Plants will often flower (reproduce) in an attempt to "get out" of the place they're in, since they can't just walk away. You might consider ending the reproduction by snipping the blossoms. Citrus should be in a state of dormancy this time of year, since they need warmth and sunlight to feed their fruit. As well, that pot looks a bit small for a Meyer- citrus need a lot of oxygen at the roots. Re-potting would give it a boost.

Anonymous said...

Boy ilex,

You might be right, but what a buzz kill!! :)

I had no idea you could actually keep productive citrus in your house. Sometimes I have the blinders on I guess.

Although we are planning on keeping a tea tree.

With Best Regard,

Chicago Mike

P~ said...

Localzone~ too right, they are indeed amazing! Wait until I post a picture of my fig tree.

ilex~ You know, I bet you're right, I'll snip those blossoms. I do plan on repotting them, but I don't want to do it until they are moved outdoors. Repotting them will most likely stimulate their growth as well. Thanks for the input.

Chiot's Run said...

How exciting. I used to have a minature lime tree, it bloomed but never set fruit, perhaps I should have hand pollinated. Sadly it died that fall.

I have a citrus of some kind that's doing well in the house, but it hasn't bloomed yet. I don't thinks is a proper minature though, just started from seeds.

The Forge Village Farmer said...

I have a Blood Orange that has been happily growing in my den and is getting ready to bloom herself. They smell like heaven.