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June 4, 2008

Laundry go-lightly

So this weekend we reduced our projected potential power use for the summer by dramatically reducing the need for one of our big energy consumers, the dryer. A~ has set a goal for the summer to reduce our power use dramatically. She has said by 50%. I'm not completely sure about that number, but as she is home more often than I, and is the one who uses most of the big power consumers I guess I'll just have to take her word for it and keep doing my best to enable her goal by doing things like hanging double clotheslines for her. I was honestly surprised to see how quickly the clothes dried on the line. I seem to remember my mom hanging clothes when I was a kid but otherwise, I have little experience with it. One more small step toward lightening our footprint and depending less on outside power.


silverstarsanctuary said...

Good goal! Hope you can make it to that. Let us know what you cut out to do it too. I try to dry laundry as much as I can but it rains here all the time so it's difficult except for July-Sept. really. I heard it was 50 cents a load to run the dryer but I don't know.

molly said...

Hi P, the post on the clothes line had me cracking up..in a nice way.

In aussie, the old hills hoist (clothes line) is an aussie icon, you could find them in every backyard until just recently when we became "americanised" and began using the clothes dryer lol

Neither me or my family have ever owned a drier (but then we dont get snow here either)

We use the sun and wind as you will with your clothes line.

Heres a link if you are curious about the aussie icon:


Tara said...

How I love my clothes line. I currently can't use it due to a proliferation of flies (thank goodness for their short life spans) and have been holding off on washing until I can clean the fly crap off my cloths pins and line.

I miss it. :( I also miss clean clothes.

ruralaspirations said...

I've really been enjoying using our clothesline. It's a nice bonus that it saves energy, too.