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June 17, 2008

Can't they just get along... Maybe.

Anyone remember these ladies?
No, maybe this will help. Yep, these are the chicks I picked up on April 4th. They've gotten big. I thought since I showed you yesterday how I've relocated the birds to the outside. I would Time Travel about three days prior to moving them and show you how I got the girls to know each other.
It's maybe not the best picture that you could ask for, but you get the picture. I tried to first introduce them to each other via the "toss and hope method." Never heard of it? It's where you just TOSS them into the coop together and HOPE for the best. It didn't work.
I learned quickly where the sayings "Hen pecked" or "Pecking order" came from. The older white hens were not friendly at all! I had to put up some temporary separations between the two flocks at least until they got to know each other. You can see the white leghorns staring through the wire at the brown ones. Oddly, the next morning the browns had flown up and squeezed through the space at the top of the wire and they were all snuggled up in the hen house. I thought great, they made peace. Nope, the next morning I had to separate them again once the feed showed up. This kept up for a couple of days.
Now that they're outside they seem to be getting along much better but the browns are still scared to death of the whites. I think they'll be alright now though. The browns will eventually realize there are 6 of them and 3 of the whites. Basically it's just another day in the life of the Urban homestead and learning to raise livestock. Learn a little, get some things right, get some things wrong. I'll get there.


Laura said...

I'm of the toss and hope persuasion myself. I integrated my little ones in that way in April, but then again there were 10 of them and only 4 of the big girls so numbers were on their side. I just did the same about 10 days ago with 4 new girls to replace the ones they coyotes stole - they're running scared from anyone since they're about 4 weeks younger than my other chicks. As long as they have a place to hide and a way to get at food they'll be fine.

Looking good! Nice coop!

ilex said...

Love that coop. Very cool coop.

silverstarsanctuary said...

I plan to raise two or three chicks next Spring and since our four current hens were gifted as adults I need all the advice I can find! Thanks for sharing the process and how it's working for you. They seem like they are healthy and happy!

P~ said...

Laura~ I know you are, I read about you throwing yours in together and figured I could at least try. Their fine now, just a little skiddish. The young ones used to be very standoffish of me, now I seem to be the lesser of two evils so maybe it's for the best.

ilex~, Glad you decided to stop by, I hope you won't be a stranger.

SSS~That's why I'm here, to share my goofs and learn from others. Best of luck to you with your birds.

rcmullins said...

I was reading in Mother Earth news the other day some pretty compelling stuff on raising Dorkings. Have you had any experience with them? They seem to be a well-behaved animal.