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June 27, 2008

2008 Garden update - June 26

OK this will be a quick one. I just wanted to document the harvest from tonight because there were a couple of firsts. Of course there was more strawberries Tonight was just under 2 lbs. I seem to have underestimated their production for the year. Tonight I re-tallied them and am already over 14 1/4 lbs and still harvesting. So much for 12 lbs huh? But who's complaining? Not I! I also pulled 2 lbs of shelling peas tonight. After shelling they were just under 1 lb and oh man how sweet they are!
On the pea front I also got a few of the sugar snaps tonight. I've harvested these one other time so far this season, but really they are just now coming on. I should get a bunch more this weekend. Anyone ever freeze these? Advice? I would hate to freeze some and have them be terrible when I take them out.
And tonight's firsts... TaDa! Carrot, beet and potatoes. And the story behind them is this...
The carrots, I pulled because I noticed a slight rust forming on the leaves and didn't want it to spread, so I pulled them and was surprised at their size already. The beet was a surprise to me too. I didn't think that they were that ready to be pulled. I was pulling a weed from the patch, and sat the top of the beet peaking out and realized it was a good sized one so I of course had to pull it. Again, I need advice from you, my "master mind group", on ways to serve fresh beets. I love the greens sauteed, or in a salad, but I have little experience with cooking them. I can find some recipes I'm sure, but hey, you all are easily as well versed as anywhere I would search so I thought I'd inquire.
Now, the potatoes. I have been noticing a slowly developing blight on some of the potato plants that I have in the pots. I didn't know if the plants were healthy below ground, dry or wet, or if they were even beginning to develop potatoes at all. So... I dumped the worst looking pot and checked it out. The soil in the pot seemed to be a bit hard although seeming perfectly damp. Maybe I'll take some pics of them either tomorrow or Saturday and see if any of you potato growers have any suggestions.
Hope all your gardens are doing well, as well as yourselves and your families.
Till tomorrow.


Heather said...

My favorite way to serve beets in the summer is to peel them, roast them until tender (will take much less time if you chop them first) with a 2:1 balsamic vinegar: olive oil combination and some salt and pepper. When they're tender, stir to mix that wonderful balsamic back in the beets and serve.

michelle said...

I'm not a big beet fan, but I started canning pickled beets for my husband and it turns out I like them quite a bit too. Also, I live in SLC and would love to know where the amazing u-pick farm is where you get your asparagus and strawberries.

P~ said...

Heather, that sounds great. I'll definitely have to try it. We love balsamic at our house.

Michelle, sorry, that's classified...Just kidding! The place is called Day Farms. and they're in Layton. Their strawberries are almost done for the year, but later in the year they have great peppers, eggplants, cantaloup... all the good stuff. By the way, I'm so glad to have someone local chiming in. I hope you'll gimmie you're two cents more often.

RedStateGreen said...

Sugar snap pea ... is that like a snow pea? With a flat pod? I just freeze the latter without blanching and they do fine.

Phelan said...

I only grow beets for animal feed.