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June 15, 2008

New Additions

I got a package about a week and a half ago. When I opened it, this is what I saw.

Inside was a thin muslin bag...Interesting. What could it be?

WORMS!! About 1000 of them (give or take); I bought them from Uncle Jim's worm farm the week before and had just received them. I had been wondering why they waited nearly a week before mailing them, I ordered them on the Wednesday before, and they still weren't showing as sent on the web site so I called. Well I jumped the gun, they just hadn't updated the status' yet but the wigglers had been mailed on Monday. It seems this is the standard practice, mailing on Monday that is, so that the worms don't get held up over the weekend and dry out and die. Very considerate worm farming isn't that?

So anyway, I got out the compost crock from under the sink which had a bunch of "goodies" in it and got ready for a feeding. I've been using this crock for almost a year now. It's lid broke toward the end of summer last year, so I've been just placing a small tea plate over it. If you empty it regularly, it doesn't really even stink (too badly). I need to find a new one. It was just an old second hand cookie jar that I found at the thrift store.

Before I got the worms out of the bag I had put together a new home for them. I shredded some old cardboard that I had available, and added some peat moss that was also lying around to act as bedding. I wet the whole thing, and then squeezed it out till it was about like a damp sponge. I added this bedding material to a 15 gal. Rubbermaid tote that was one of our old book boxes before the library was finished and that I had drilled holes around the bottom and lower sides of for air flow.

So far so good. I received them not last Wednesday but the one before that and they seem to be adapting very well. Just tonight I went out to feed them and they are all densely packed around the scraps from the other night. The main reason I got them, apart from the tales of amazing nutritive properties of worm castings, was that I had a very tough time last winter with composting through the cold. This way I hope to have built a large enough colony of worms to accomplish our composting needs throughout the winter, and provide an occasional treat for the chickens.

Anyone else out there, worm farming? How's it working out for you?



silverstarsanctuary said...

We did a worm bin early last year and it worked well but them the compost pile itself got so huge and it became a real chore to sort through the compost and the worms and put them back in so I finally dumped it all into the compost pile itself. There are still tons of worms in there but I don't know how many are from the red worm original group! I was thinking of doing it again because my daughter loves worms and thought it would be a fun thing for her to get involved with now.

Jim Deitzel said...

That's certainly something we didn't consider when designing the product. Kudos to creative thinking.

Rhonda Jean said...

I have a large worm farmm in an old recycle bathtub. Black gold for the vegetable gardens. Good luck with yours.

ruralaspirations said...

Very cool! I'd like to have worms some day. How long can you leave them (like, can you go away for a week's holiday?).

silverstar: you might want to read Rhonda Jean's blog Down to Earth. She has a post about how to separate the worms from the compost...