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June 17, 2008

The outlaws have escaped

Yep, the girls have left the garage. FINALLY. They didn't stink, (Yes mom, you could smell them a bit, but if you've ever been around a dirty hen house, you know they didn't stink.) but they did take up a good portion of the garage, and since we've gotten rid of our SUV and gotten our Ford focus we'd like to keep it nice and have it garaged especially in the heat of summer that's just around the bend. Anyway, I took the opportunity that I had with a good weather weekend with no plans (finally) to get them moved out to their new home.
They seem to like it there too. They are directly over the spot where my winter compost pile had been for the last almost 8 months and have had their heads in the dirt, presumably finding tons of worms, for the last couple of days. We're really happy with the way everything turned out. I've decided that I am going to leave the coop parked here for the next five to six months and practice the deep mulching method that I have been using so far. I hope to next year be able to use this area as a new planting bed, and begin a series of crop rotations with the birds. Does anyone have any experience with rotating chickens throughout their gardens? Anything I should take into consideration? Worse case scenario, I'll just collect the mulch and compost it at the end of the season.
Till tomorrow.

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el said...

What a pretty coop! It's my experience you'll need to change the mulch a lot, but that's fine as you will have lots of compost this way. You can use grass clippings as mulch, and I actually shred our old mail and cereal boxes as the coop's mulch...